May 13 2010

CherryPal Android-Based Asia Netbook to Ship for $99

Looks like CherryPal, a company that manufacturers ultra low-end computers, is releasing another laptop.  The new “Asia” netbook will cost $100, but buyer beware — you’ll get what you pay for.

Even though they are similarly priced, the 7″ CherryPal Asia netbook will be slightly better than the CherryPal Africa.  Asia will feature a 533MHz ARM A9 processor, 256MB of RAM, and 2 GB of storage space.  Not the most impressive tech specs, but on the bright side, the netbook will also have a decent number of USB slots, 3 to be exact.  The Asia netbook will run on the Android operating system and put a large emphasis on cloud computing.

There will also be a slightly more expensive model of the CherryPal Asia.  It’ll run for $148 and will have a [slightly larger] 10″ screen and webcam. No pictures are yet available for this netbook.

Via CrunchGear.

Oct 13 2009

Pre-Order the Android Acer Aspire One AOD250 For $350

The long-expected Android Acer Aspire One has been making big strides in recent weeks, today finally going up for pre-order on Amazon. The netbook costs $349.99 and dual-boots both Google Android and Windows XP.

The 10.1-inch netbook is the Acer AOD250-1613 model, and comes with a 1.66 GHz Intel N280 CPU, 1 GB of RAM, a 160 GB HDD, Intel GMA950 graphics and a 6-cell battery lasting, supposedly, up to 9 hours on one charge.

If you buy one now, you don’t pay shipping when the netbook is released. Get on it!

Via SlashGear.

Oct 6 2009

Verizon Plans Android Smartphones, Netbook

We haven’t seen a Verizon device running Android just yet, but word has it the wireless carrier intends to join the club quite soon.

Google came forward with Verizon today, announcing a new “family of [Android] devices” for the consumer market. The selection will include two smartphones powered by Android, and while there was no mention of a netbook just yet, it seems like a possibility considering other Verizon offerings.

A number of manufacturers are already petitioning Verizon to have their devices offered with Android, including some netbook manufacturers.

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam dropped a comment that might be construed as a quip about Apple, saying that Google Voice will work on the Android phones because “you are either open, or you are not.”

Via IntoMobile.

Oct 3 2009

Acer’s Android Netbook Expected to Launch in Time for Holiday Season

The third quarter launch date for Acer’s Aspire One Android netbook has come and gone. The next launch date is rumored to be set for sometime this November, just in time for the holiday season.

The Android netbook probably won’t be that much cheaper than the current 10″ Acer Aspire One netbook (~$350) though, since it has similar specs (including the Windows OS). We’ll keep you posted on any developments.

Via Gizmodo.

Sep 26 2009

Android Flaws Found In Acer Aspire One D250 Netbook

It seems that a lot of the buzz about Android has settled since the announcement of the Google Chrome OS. While a number of companies have promised and delivered Android netbooks, those announcements have been few and far between.

Nonetheless, we now have word of the Acer Aspire One D250 Android netbook which dual-boots Windows XP. Unfortunately, a review at claims that the netbook ships without Android Market and thus no ability to add apps to the OS.

On the other hand, boot times are said to be superb. It may be a while, but hopefully once the Acer Aspire One D250 Android netbook is released those issues will be fixed.

Via Geek.

Aug 25 2009

ASUS Android Netbook/Smartbook Delayed

So much for speculation that the Android OS was going to be ubiquitous. The plan for ASUS to release a netbook/smarbook that would run on the Android operating system that once was, is now no more.

According to Jerry Shen, the CEO of Asustek Computer, there is currently no “clear market for smartbooks,” and so, the Android machine been put on the backburner…for now. The company claims that it has limited engineering resources, which could be better used elsewhere.

Via PCWorld.

Image via LaptopCuccok.

Jul 29 2009

Acer Confirms Upcoming Android Netbook

Acer Aspire One with Android

An Acer rep said Wednesday that the Taiwanese manufacturer is on track to launch its Aspire One netbook with Google’s Android as an OS in the third quarter of this year.

Several reports have been alluding to a delay or cancellation of the project, prompting Acer to reaffirm its intentions. The new netbook will essentially be the traditional Windows XP Aspire One with a 10-inch screen, Atom CPU, and a different OS.

Rumors about the upcoming netbook have been around since Acer displayed a netbook running Windows XP and Android side-by-side at Computex Taipei last month. Acer’s Android Aspire One won’t dual-boot, but at least we know it’s on the way.

Via PCWorld, image via DisplayBlog.

Jun 4 2009

BenQ Announces Android Smartphones and Netbook

BenQ, a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, announced its intent to launch Android smartphone and netbook lines next year.

BenQ Logo

The company is joining the ranks of manufacturers choosing Android over Windows XP. It’s incredibly lightweight, having been designed by Google as an operating system for smartphones, and is particularly compatible with the multitude of Google tools like Gmail and Google Maps.

BenQ’s Joybook Lite netbook runs XP, its mobile phones run Symbian and it has one mobile device running Linux. However, the company  has taken some hits to market share and profits and may be looking to diversify its line.

Few other details about a BenQ Android netbook are known, but if Computex Taipei is any clue it’s likely it would incorporate either an ARM CPU or the Qualcomm Snapdragon. Acer has displayed an Aspire One running the Atom, but that seems to be the exception.

Via PCWorld.

Apr 21 2009

Skytone Releases The Alpha 680 Android Netbook

Android has been announced for a few devices so far, but a new release by China-based Skytone is the very first flesh-and-blood Android device, ripe and ready to buy: the $100-$200 Alpha 680.

The device comes in pink, yellow, red, black and white, and you can find it on Skytone’s site. It has a flip-around touchscreen, designating it a tablet netbook, and is said to have an integrate “gaming pad” as well.

Skytone included Wi-Fi, Ethernet, a few USB ports and an SD card slot for a low cost, but otherwise the device is what you’d expect from such a cheap machine. Take a look at the full specs, courtesy of ComputerWorld:

Some are saying the Alpha 680 netbook is just a “glorified cellphone“, and we can’t quite blame them. At the very least, however, given Skytone’s precedent of selling Skype headsets, it is sure to run Skype successfully.

The ARM CPU is no powerhouse and there isn’t much RAM to work with, but at least you can use the SD card to plug in a few more GB of storage.

If the Skytone Alpha 680 Android netbook isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry – the OS is going to be all over the market very soon, with quite a few manufacturers (Pegatron, for one) confirming their intent to sell Android netbooks.

Via ComputerWorld.

Apr 18 2009

Sony Ericsson CEO Urges Caution With Android Netbook Combo

Sony Ericcson Logo

While many in the tech industry are giddy about the introduction of Android to the netbook OS pantheon, some of that enthusiasm is getting tempered by some good solid realism by Sony Ericsson CEO Hideki Komiyama.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt initially took a positive note, saying 2009 will be good to Android especially due to “significant” announcements in both the netbook and smartphone categories. However, Hideki’s words urge a bit of critical thinking:

“It does require a lot of evaluation, as well as a lot of testing, a lot of acceptance from a consumer viewpoint, and there is still some time to go.”

While Komiyama’s quote is a bit of a buzzkill, we’d rather Android be implemented well than soon. In his own words, Android is going to be “one of the important operating systems,” and if it means to compete with the likes of XP and Linux some work is going to need to be done first.

Via mocoNews.

Apr 6 2009

Compal Communications Plans Android Netbook

A new rush of Android netbook plans are breaking the news lately, beginning with yesterday’s announcement that HP is considering an Android distro. Taiwanese ODM Compal Communications has upped the ante with a concrete plan to develop Android netbooks, according to a report by the Commercial Times.

Compal recently became hte manufacturer of the Acer Aspire one and are thought to be Dell’s ODM for its Inspiron Mini netbooks. Supposedly the manufacturer is in talks with notebook vendors about the project.

Aside from that few details about the netbooks themselves have been released, with neither Digitimes nor the Commercial Times suggesting a spec package that Compal would like to implement. Some have suggested that it will use the traditional Intel Atom, due to its past successes with Android in an ASUS Eee PC.

Others believe Compal will use ARM netbook chips instead, or perhaps the Qualcomm Snapdragon. We already know that Qualcomm will launch some Android-based Snapdragon netbooks this year, which will run 1080p video and manage a high-speed WWAN connection. Whatever the case, this is an exciting time for the Google Android platform, and we expect to see even more developments in the near future.

Via AndroidCommunity.

Jan 24 2009

New Samsung Netbook Plus Smartphone Hints

Samsung’s back in the netbook market once more with plans to follow up the Samsung NC10 in the next few months. It also intends to expand its range of smartphones in the near future.

Chi Youngcho, head of a new digital media and communications unit at Samsung, said “In the first half of this year, for touch-screen phones we will expand our line-up and upgrade some of the functions including the user interface and for smart phones expand our line-up and provide various OSes to satisfy the diverse needs of our customers.”

He also added that Samsung intends to “expand our PC business by launching a new netbook.”

Could they mean the Samsung NC20? We already reported on a prototype back in December. Samsung also let out the new netbook’s User Manual in an interesting advertising move as well. The Samsung NC20 is based on the Via Nano processor.

The smartphone bid is a bit more vague. Samsung has phones based in Windows Mobile, Symbian, and Linux. The most anticipated announcement is the possible Android smartphone, the details of which are thus far scant. We’re all waiting for an Android netbook, some of which should be popping up in 2010, but a smartphone running the Google OS would be big news too.

Check back soon for the latest on netbooks and tech news.

Via PCWorld.

Jan 13 2009

Qualcomm Snapdragon Chip To Challenge Intel Atom

Qualcomm intends to challenge the hold Intel has over the netbook world using the Snapdragon chipset to compete with the Intel Atom processor.

Paul Jacobs, CEO of Qualcomm, thinks Intel wants to get into smartphones and MIDs at the same time the Snapdragon processor is released. Qualcomm’s prognosis is that 15 companies will launch MIDs and netbooks using the Qualcomm snapdragon in the first half of 2009. He’s confident Qualcomm will have a solid edge over Intel, knowing the capabilities of the Snapdragon. It’s hard to argue; the $350 million Snapdragon has some enticing specs, including quick-boot.

Qualcomm even demonstrated the Android platform by Google on its Snapdragon last week at CES in Vegas. An Android netbook has been a dubious idea for many, but the demonstration gives the concept a far more realistic edge.

The company says some manufacturers working with Qualcomm for Snapdragon devices include HTC, LG, and Samsung. Can you say smartphone?

Via FierceWireless.

Jan 2 2009

Android Netbooks By 2010

Though 2009 is only a few days old, big predictions are being made about 2010.

The possibility of Android netbooks has been hotly debated, but one guy went ahead and hacked his own ASUS Eee PC to run it.

Android netbook

Some writers at VentureBeat are predicting Android netbooks by 2010, and expecting Google to make billions off of the move. It’s a far-off prediction, but an interesting one nevertheless. Check out the article here, as well as our own articles about Android netbooks here.

Dec 30 2008

Google Watchers Frown Upon Android Netbook

We recently reported on some speculation that an Android netbook wasn’t out of the question. Xandros and Ubuntu have both been widely used in netbooks, causing many to think that 2009 might be the year Linux breaks Microsoft’s OS domination.

However, Google Watchers have a different view. They recently featured a few comments explaining just why Android wasn’t the way to go.

“I’m very much looking forward to replacing my Symbian phone with an Android phone. But on netbooks, people want full browsers, word processing, and productivity applications. These exist and work great on Ubuntu; Android just doesn’t have them. Furthermore, applications need to be designed very differently for netbook screens/keyboards and phones. What might make sense is to enable running Android apps on top of Ubuntu and other Linux distributions, kind of like applets. So, Android might become an add-on to desktop and netbook Linux versions, but it won’t replace it.”

Of course, nobody wants Android to replace Linux. The point of Linux is that all distributions can fairly have a chance of making it. However, Android has a ways to go before it satisfies core reqs for most operating systems:

“I would not want Android on a PC/Netbook. Android is designed for devices with much less processing power, graphics enhancements, and slower disk read speed; Not to mention such limited RAM. If it’s “linux-based”, i would just go with linux. As mentioned previously, running Android Apps on an emulator on Linux would probably work 10x better, although i don’t know why you would want to. Isn’t that like running Windows Mobile over Windows Vista.”

It seems not everyone is excited about an Android netbook.

Via GoogleWatch.


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