May 24 2010

Amazon Kindle to Work for Netbooks and Notebooks

The introduction of books to PCs was a bit of a shaky one, but it’s finally starting to find its place in the market. Several companies have had tried to get a stake in this market, most notably Apple with the release of its iPad. Now we’re seeing a greater expansion in the e-book market.

Amazon Kindle is a ¬†software and hardware platform developed by, as a way to sell electronic books and have a device to work in tandem with their sale. After its release, Amazon released the Kindle for PC and Mac free of charge, allowing users to read Kindle books on their PC or Mac. However, Kindle still didn’t find its way everywhere. Fortunately however, Amazon has announced that Amazon Kindle for PC¬†application will come preinstalled on some Asus netbooks and notebooks. This PC applications acts to fill in for the Kindle and will allow users to sync pages and continue reading from any of their other hardware. This will be a great move for Amazon, and give Kindle-lovers more variety when it comes to what device they should choose to read from. Amazon isn’t stopping there however, for it plans to have Kindle running on devices which run Google’s Android OS.

While this is great news for amazon, a dark cloud looms on the horizon. Kindle is currently Amazon’s most popular item, and it is sure to be threatened by the Apple iPad and Google’s advance into the e-book market.

Via eWeek, image via ScrapeTV

Dec 20 2009

ASUS Delivers $329 12.1-inch Eee PC 1201HAB Netbook

ASUS‘ new Eee PC is called the 1201HAB and is currently ASUS’ cheapest 12.1-inch machine. It rocks specs much similar to that of the 1101HA – a 12.1-inch 1366 x 768 pixel display, a chiclet keyboard, and matte casing. However, this machine runs a single-core Atom Z520 CPU, slower than the Nvidia ION on the Eee PC 1201 N.

The machine is said to have solid video playback, including in HD. Its processor makes for a slightly slower device, but it can run for 6 hours and is slimmer (but larger) than a typical Eee PC netbook.

You can get the ASUS Eee PC 1201HAB for $329 at Best Buy.

Via Liliputing.

Apr 3 2009

AuthenTec Puts Fingerprint Scanners on ASUS Netbook

AuthenTec is bringing biometric fingerprint sensors to netbooks. While Business World announced that the sensors would be in netbooks for the first time ever through ASUS, they forgot that UPEK brought its sensors to netbooks last month.

The biometric sensors are notable products of AuthenTec, which has made more than 45 million sales of fingerprint sensors so far. Their entrance to the netbook market should bring them some solid gains, and it will be nice to see what comes out of the union in the future.

Via Business World.

Nov 24 2008

Coming This January: New Packard Bell Dot Netbook

Packard Bell is joining the frenzy of new netbooks this season, coming to the fore with its new Dot to be released this January.

As in the case of the Epson Endeavor, which we covered in our November 19th article, the new Packard Bell netbook seems aimed at competing in terms of cost and nothing else.

Packard Bell Dot Netbook

The Dot netbook will feature – as if we need to tell you – the 1.6GHz Intel Atom chip, 160 GB of storage, 1 GB RAM, Windows XP, and Wi-Fi. Mildly notable is its five-in-one card reader, and the fact that a 3G version should be forthcoming in the near future.

Packard Bell is not particularly well-known for avant-garde ideas but is certainly a competitor in nearly every market it joins. However, that hasn’t stopped netbook review sites from criticizing the Dot’s almost completely standard hardware and capabilities. Gizmodo, mocking the trend that netbooks have taken towards the mainstream, joked that in the future we should “look for netbooks to be fashioned from straw, beads, puff paints and other craft materials as they are hand-manufactured to raise money for local soccer teams.”

We can’t really say they’re wrong – at one point, netbooks only ran Linux, which is notoriously unfriendly to the consumer of average technological competence. Now XP is standard, with toys such as webcams and touchscreens becoming the norm. When the ASUS netbook, Wind netbook, and Mini-9 came to the market with similar statistics as the new Dot they were carving out a new market – however, by technological standards, Packard Bell is late in the game. We should be expecting better things at this point.

Regardless, there remains the possibility that the Dot will be very cheap, a factor that may be its only boon when it hits the market. We’ve got no complaints about that!

Check out Gizmodo’s review here.


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