Jan 20 2010

Clear Offers Samsung NC10 Netbook For $199 With WiMAX Plan

Clear is offering a deal you certainly don’t see every day: an older netbook with a hefty subsidy and WiMAX access for connectivity. If you get WiMAX in your area, this should be a tantalizing deal, considering the fact that WiMAX is cheaper than 3G. Clear will give you its netbook with a two year netbook deal at $45/month with the first 6 months subsidized to $30 apiece.

The machine itself is a Samsung NC10 running a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270, priced at $199. Other features are more or less standard issue, if your standard is netbooks from a year ago: 1 GB of RAM, a 160 GB HDD and 6 hours of battery life.

Via jkOnTheRun, image via Clear.

Jan 5 2010

UK Finally Gets Its £99 Netbook

The Chie netbook comes from Blaze Europe and will go on sale in the UK for only £99. The US has had a $99 netbook for a while now, which is cheaper due to lower value of the dollar.

Blaze Europe’s new netbook will come with a 7-inch screen, 4 hours of battery life, Wi-Fi and an SD card reader. It has a tiny 128 MB of HDD space and 2 USB ports.

The Chie will come with Microsoft Windows CE 6.0, and is available for pre-order  before its launch date: January 23rd, 2010.

Via PocketLint.

Jan 4 2010

Today Only: 6-Cell Gateway LT3103 Netbook On Sale For $270

Back in June, we called the Gateway LT3103 Gateway’s first awesome netbook, and right now it’s looking even awesomer. Today only, Yahoo Shopping is selling the Gateway LT3103 netbook for a mere $270 with a six-cell battery and 2 GB of RAM.

The netbook comes with Windows Vista Home Basic, as well as a 250 GB HDD, 11.6-inch screen, 1366 x 768 resolution, and 90 day warranty (upgradeable to one year for $39).

Get to it, kids.

Nov 24 2009

Best Buy’s 2009 Black Friday Netbook and Notebook Deals

We’ve got the latest on Best Buy’s deals for Black Friday 2009. Best Buy loves to offer slashed prices on computers, and netbooks are the big thing this year, so as expected we’ll be seeing a host of great new netbook deals on store shelves on the 27th.

Their 12-page Black Friday ad reveals crucial details about the plan for this Friday. Best Buy will open its doors at 5:00 AM, passing out tickets for their specials at 3:00 AM. Certain deals, like the $197 HP Laptop with an Intel Celeron CPU, are only available in-store. Others are available online as early as Thanksgiving Day.

With no further ado, take a look at Best Buy’s Black Friday netbook and laptop deals:

  • Compaq Netbook w/Intel Atom Processor, 1GB Memory, 160GB Hard Drive – $179.99
  • Compaq Netbook w/Intel Atom Processor, 1GB Memory, 250GB Hard Drive – $229.99
  • eMachines Desktop w/AMD Athlon Processor, 3GB RAM, 320GB HD, Windows 7, w/18.5″ LCD Monitor and HP Deskjet Printer – $299.97
  • Dell 10.1″ Netbook w/Intel Atom Processor, 1GB Memory, 160GB Hard Drive – $379.99
  • Sony 15″ Laptop w/Intel Dual Core Processor, 4GB Memory, 320GB Hard Drive, Windows 7 – $399.99
  • Toshiba 16″ Laptop w/Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 3GB DDR3 Memory, 250GB Hard Drive (Model # L505-S5984) – $399.99
  • Sony 15″ Laptop w/Intel Dual Core Processor, 4GB RAM, 320GB HD, Windows 7, Sony Headphones, Built-In Blu-ray, Blu-ray Movie – $479.97
  • Toshiba 16″ Laptop w/Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 4GB DDR3 Memory, 320GB Hard Drive (Model # L505-S5984) w/Printer and Case – $499.97
  • HP Desktop AMD X4 Quad Core, 8GB Mem, 1TB Hard Drive, 20″ Monitor, HP Deskjet DJ350 Color Printer, Windows 7 Home Prem – $499.97
  • HP 15.6″ Notebook w/AMD Turion II Dual Core Processor M500, 6GB Memory, 320GB Hard Drive, Windows 7 – $599.99
  • HP 15.6″ Notebook w/AMD Turion II Dual Core Processor M500, 8GB Memory, 500GB Hard Drive, Windows 7 – $699.99
  • Macbook 13.3″ Notebook w/2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB DDR3 Memory, 250GB Hard Drive, w/$150 Gift Card – $999.99

Via Huliq.

Nov 7 2009

The Tiny But Cheap Elonex ONEt Netbook

The ONEt (Onnet? One-tee?) is a new netbook from Elonex, attacking the netbook sector from the lower end.

However, lower-end doesn’t necessarily mean crappier. If you can stand a 7-inch, 800 x 480 pixel matte screen and 174 minutes of battery life, the £99 ($165) price tag is an absolute bargain. Word has it that the Elonex ONEt is built surprisingly well despite sitting a bit wobbily on uneven rubber feet.

As is always an issue with tiny netbooks, the keyboard is tiny as well. Again, if you can get over that hump, the price is great. The Elonex ONEt runs on a processor with the same architecture as an Aday 5F x86 CPU with 128 MB of memory and 1 GB flash storage. If that’s not enough, an SD card reader is included for expanded storage.

Other bundled software includes an Office-compatible word processor and PDF viewer, though they aren’t yet compatible with Office 2007.

This machine is truly low-scale, and its specs may seem closer to that of an MID than a netbook. Still, if you’ve got tiny hands and a tinier budget, this could indeed be the netbook for you.

Via WhatLaptop.

Sep 18 2009

Taiwanese Netbook Vendors Cut Prices

DigiTimes is suggesting that Taiwanese netbook sellers will be cutting price tages on netbooks running  the Intel Atom N270 and N280, mostly be Acer, ASUS, BenQ, and MSI.

One explanation suggests that demand for ultrathins is depriving the netbook market of consumers, though theories like that have failed in the past.

Another relevant question – will these price cuts come to the US as well? It might be worth it to wait and see how netbook prices hold up by the holidays. In Taiwan, the trends have been as follows:

While the average selling price of netbooks in Taiwan has dropped from around $490 to below $460, some specific models have seen much sharper price cuts. BenQ’s 10-inch Joybook Lite U101, for example, used to sell for about $550 but can now be had for around $325, or 40 percent less than its launch price. And it’s not just BenQ. Asus’ Eee PC S101H, originally priced at about $525, now sells in the vicinity of $415. MSI-‘s 10-inch Wind U100 can now be found for around $340, while Acer’s Atom N280-based Aspire One D150 sells for a little over $350…”

We’ll keep you posted about any price drops as they come, but if you discover any yourself, be sure to Contact us so we can get the word out. Keep your eyes peeled.

Via DigiTimes.


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