May 12 2010

Verizon and Google Team Up For Tablet

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam announced recently that his company and Google are going to work together to develop a tablet to compete with the iPad. McAdam did not mention very many details, so the tech blogosphere is bursting with questions.

The first question is why Google has not mentioned its involvement in the tablet. Verizon has spoken openly about it, but Google has not made a single public comment concerning the new device. Google’s silence has led some analysts to believe that Verizon has completely invented the tablet in order to get a better deal with Apple for the iPhone and iPad.

The next question is who would make the Verizon-Google tablet. It’s supposed to run Android OS, which would suggest either HTC or Motorola making it, as these two companies are the most prominent on Verizon’s network to use Android. Furthermore, how much would Verizon influence the tablet? Would it be locked into the Verizon App Store or would is be able to use Android’s marketplace? All these questions will hopefully answered later this week.

Via PC World, image via PC World.

Apr 12 2010

Rumor: Google Is Developing an Android Tablet

The iPad may be facing more competition in coming months in the form of an Android-powered tablet made by Google. This is just a rumor and no specifics are known, but it is nevertheless intriguing.

According to an article in The New York Times, Google is currently exploring the idea of creating a tablet. The information allegedly came from Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who was heard chatting about it with friends at a party this weekend.

Knowing what we know about the Android operating system, we can surmise that a Google tablet would probably be a lot more open than Apple’s iPad. Apple is pretty strict about developing for its devices, but Google’s Android Market allows developers to submit apps without being scrutinized. Android-powered devices also allow users to download apps from unofficial third-party sources. An Android tablet would also be likely to support Flash, unlike Apple’s mobile devices.

Though speculating about a future Google tablet is fun, we must remember that, at this point, it is definitely not a certainty. All we know right now is that Google is exploring the idea.

Via PC World, image via PC World.

Feb 3 2010

iPad Rival: Google Chrome OS Tablet Under Development

Google recently published designs for a Chrome OS tablet that would compete directly with Apple’s newly released iPad. The tablet is still under development, but  pictures on give us an idea of what the hardware might look like, and how users might interact with it. Possible features include a 5 to 10 inch screen, on-screen keyboard, and multi-touch capability.

A video demonstrating how users would interact with the tablet is also available for download here.

The tablet is not the first of Google products that aim to rival Apple devices. The Nexus One was launched after the iPhone, and the Chrome OS itself competes with other operating systems –  not just Apple’s, but Microsoft’s as well.

Gartner analyst Robin Simpson says that, while it is debatable whether Google or Apple hardware is superior in quality, Apple definitely has the upper hand in terms of giving users better and easier access to content developed by independent third parties. Google seems to be making small steps in achieving a similar “ecosystem” by considering putting Chrome OS onto other devices, not just netbooks.

Via SMH, image via Wired.

Image via Wired.


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