May 13 2010

Sprint Announces 4G Phone

On Wednesday, Sprint announced its highly anticipated 4G phone, the HTC Evo 4G. It will be available June 4 starting at $199.99 with a two-year contract after a mail-in rebate (unless you pre-order it at Best Buy or Radio Shack, in which case you will not have to deal with the rebate).

The phone will require an Everything Data Plan, which costs $69.99 per month, plus $10 extra for WiMax, even if you do not live in a 4G coverage area. There is no data cap associated with the plan. The phone will also be able to act as a mobile WiFi hotspot for an extra $29.99 per month.

The Evo 4G will ship with a YouTube HQ player and a video chat app that can be used with the 8 megapixel front-facing camera. It boasts a 4.3-inch touchscreen and runs Android 2.1.

Via CNET, image via CNET.

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May 12 2010

HTC Files Claim Against Apple

HTC did vow to defend itself against Apple and now it has done so by filing a patent infringement claim with the International Trade Commission saying that Apple has infringed on five HTC patents.

Analysts have said that Apple’s lawsuit against HTC is actually an attack on Android and therefore Google. HTC has recently signed an agreement with Microsoft related to HTC’s Android-based handsets, which led analysts to speculate that Microsoft was giving covert support to HTC in its battle with Apple.

Apple and HTC’s conflict is just one of many, though. There is an ongoing lawsuit between Apple and Nokia concerning patents, and Motorola has also filed a claim with the ITC against RIM, the maker of BlackBerry.

Though all companies have a right to their intellectual property, it appears that patent lawsuits are often used to stifle competition.

Via PC World, image via BBC News.

Apr 30 2010

Adobe To Give Employees Free Android Phones

In a move that is not surprising considering the animosity between Adobe and Apple, Adobe is planning to give away free Android-based phones to its employees, according to three sources familiar with the company. Adobe has also said that it plans to develop a version of Flash for the Android platform and show it off at the Google I/O conference.

No one is sure which phone Adobe employees will receive—there has been speculation that it will be a Nexus One or an HTC phone. The shift will not be mandatory, but it’s clear that Adobe and Google want to encourage Adobe employees to use Android and Flash Player as often as possible.

Google is known for giving away Android phones very generously. It is planning to give all Google I/O attendees a Motorola Droid or a Nexus One. Earlier this month, it gave audience members at a Google Apps event Nexus Ones.

It is also unclear whether just developers or all employees will get the free phones at Adobe.

Via CNET, image via CNET.

Apr 30 2010

Apple Lawsuit Did Not Impact HTC Sales

Remember that lawsuit Apple filed against HTC? Luckily for HTC, it does not seem to have harmed the company’s sales. HTC did better in the first quarter than expected and has predicted a record-breaking second quarter.

The patent lawsuit filed by Apple alleges that HTC is infringing on 20 Apple patents relating to the iPhone. After the lawsuit was filed, there were fears that customers would turn to other phone vendors because of a potential import ban on HTC’s phones.

HTC has defended itself by demonstrating its own work in the smartphone industry, as well as its own patents. Some analysts speculated that the lawsuit was an attempt by Apple to slow down the sales of Android cell phones. If this is true, Apple appears to have failed because HTC noted that its Android phones have sold particularly well during the first quarter.

Via BusinessWeek.

Mar 21 2010

HTC Plans to Defend Itself Against Apple

HTC, the company that Apple is suing over twenty alleged patent infringements, has said in a press release that it does not agree with Apple’s move to file the lawsuit and intends to defend itself.

HTC does not only say that it is innovative—it has a timeline that demonstrates this claim. Here’s a quick list of the company’s firsts regarding smartphones and PDAs:

  • First Windows PDA (1998)
  • First Windows Phone (June 2002)
  • First 3G CDMA EVDO smartphone (October 2005)
  • First gesture-based smartphone (June 2007)
  • First Google Android smartphone (October 2008)
  • First 4G WIMAX smartphone (November 2008)

Some of these occurred long before the iPhone was even out. Unfortunately for HTC, lawsuits can drag out for a long time, which could cause the company financial strain (Apple is so powerful that it probably would not be affected at all). I’m no lawyer, but Apple may be quite off the mark with its lawsuit against this company.

Via ZDNet, image via ZDNet.

Mar 4 2010

Apple Patent Case Could Affect Android Phones

Apple’s legal action against HTC, the first manufacturer to use Android in its phones, could have larger implications for other companies using Android on their phones. In the case, Apple alleges 20 patent infringements, and this case could be the first of many.

Apple hasn’t specifically named Google in the lawsuit, but many of the patents relate to operating system processes. Google has declared its support for HTC. Due to the increase in competition between Google and Apple, some analysts have speculated that Apple is attacking Google indirectly through this lawsuit. Therefore, the lawsuit could have implications for other companies later.

Apple asserts that HTC has infringed on 20 patents owned by Apple that are used in the iPhone. Apple wants an injunction that would bar HTC from selling phones that use the patents in the United States.

Via BBC News, image via BBC News.

Nov 11 2009

HTC Netbook May Be Released in Next Few Weeks

Recently, at the launch of the HTC Touch HD2 smartphone, the company had also announced that its latest netbook may be released within the next couple of weeks.

HTC currently offers a netbook that runs on the Windows Vista OS. The company’s newest netbook will either run on the Windows 7 OS or the Android OS. Some other new and unique features may also be included in the netbook, although these features are not yet detailed.

Before releasing a new netbook, HTC wants to first examine and assess users’ potential response. We’ll keep you posted on any progress.

Via IndiaServer.

Nov 6 2009

HTC May Soon Join The Netbook Frenzy

HTC CEO Peter Chou told reporters at the Taiwanese launch of the HTC HD2 that HTC is “carefully looking into [the netbook] category and how it can be part of that”, leading to torrents of speculation about what kind of machine we should look for. Chou has dropped hints about a tablet or MID before, however, so this announcement shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

The CEO noted that HTC would want to add “unique value” to the category before entering. I’ve got to agree – the netbook segment is so flooded with copycats and no-names that it can be painful to wade through it all.

HTC has delivered wireless touchscreen devices before, such as the HTC Shift.

Via SlashGear.

Jan 13 2009

Qualcomm Snapdragon Chip To Challenge Intel Atom

Qualcomm intends to challenge the hold Intel has over the netbook world using the Snapdragon chipset to compete with the Intel Atom processor.

Paul Jacobs, CEO of Qualcomm, thinks Intel wants to get into smartphones and MIDs at the same time the Snapdragon processor is released. Qualcomm’s prognosis is that 15 companies will launch MIDs and netbooks using the Qualcomm snapdragon in the first half of 2009. He’s confident Qualcomm will have a solid edge over Intel, knowing the capabilities of the Snapdragon. It’s hard to argue; the $350 million Snapdragon has some enticing specs, including quick-boot.

Qualcomm even demonstrated the Android platform by Google on its Snapdragon last week at CES in Vegas. An Android netbook has been a dubious idea for many, but the demonstration gives the concept a far more realistic edge.

The company says some manufacturers working with Qualcomm for Snapdragon devices include HTC, LG, and Samsung. Can you say smartphone?

Via FierceWireless.


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