Dec 22 2009

HP Mini 210 Netbook Upgrades to Intel Atom N450 CPU

It seems like netbook manufacturers are giving into peer pressure and are simultaneously upgrading their models with the Intel Atom N450 CPU.  Dell and Fujitsu were the first to announce the switch to the improved CPU, now it is HP’s turn to join in on the fun.

HP has announced that its Mini 210 netbook, revealed a couple of months back, will be using the N450 processor. The new model is set out to replace the company’s HP Mini 110.

Standard features include:

  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 160 GB-250 GB HDD
  • 802.11b/g/n
  • Windows 7

The Mini 210 will be sold for around $321, and the release date for the netbook is still unknown. The device should experiemce stiff competition in the netbook market, which has shown tremendous growth over the past year.

Image Via Engadget

Via Engadget

Dec 5 2009

Intel to Pre-Install App Store on Netbooks in 2010

Lots of new technology and applications will be coming out in 2010. Intel, for one, will be jumping into the competition with an app store that will be exclusively for netbooks. In fact, it’ll come pre-installed. Of course the 50 million expected shipments of netbooks in addition to the release of the Intel Pine Trail Atom processor also provide an incentive for Intel to launch an app store.

Fortunately, the director of Intel’s Developer Network, Scott Apeland, says that “The Atom Developer Program doesn’t favor one OS over another, and at its core, the program is meant to facilitate development across multiple OSes… we plan to expand support to different run-time environments, including Adobe AIR and Microsoft Silverlight.”

Developers will be raking in the dough with this new rollout, getting 70% of revenues made, similar to the system in place for Apple. Launch dates for Intel’s new app store are currently up in the air, but no worries, we’ll keep you posted.

Via FierceCio.


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