Jun 6 2010

Inventec Releases Dr. Eye Mobile Internet Device

Essentially the combination of a smartphone and netbook, Inventec’s Dr. Eye mobile internet device (MID) is a great example of the next big thing in technology.

The Dr. Eye MID features a full QWERTY keyboard, as well as an 800×480 resistive touchscreen, which gives users the option of typing on the screen or on the keyboard.  The MID is powered by a 600MHz Marvell CPU and runs on the Android 2.1 operating system, and is equipped with a front-facing camera and a 3-hour battery.

Dr. Eye comes in three different models, which all have the same hardware but different connectivity options.  The N18 model has only Wi-Fi capabilities, while the N23 model has CPRS connectivity, and the N31 model has full 3G capabilities.  Pricing for the MIDs will range from around $350 for the N18 to just under $500 for the N31.

According to Inventec, they are not positioning Dr. Eye as an iPad competitor nor a consumer device necessarily.  Their main market, at least for now, is mainland China, where they are targeting the education market, selling the MIDs to Chinese students who want to do video calls with American teachers in the United States.  One of the company’s next steps might be to bring the device to the United States.  There are rumors that they’d be up for doing that, if they can find an appropriate distributor.

Via LaptopMag.

Jul 29 2009

HP Rumored to Launch New 10″ and 11″ Netbook Models

So, the latest rumor on the block is that HP will be releasing new 10.1″ and 11.6″ netbooks. For right now, it’s just a rumor, but here are some basic details that have been uncovered about these potential releases.

HP is rumored to have hired Quanta to make the 11.6″ netbooks, and production of these netbooks is rumored to start in August of this year. Quanta will also make 10.1″ netbooks, but production of these is not rumored to start until the end of 2009.

In addition to Quanta, HP is also rumored to employ Inventec for manufacturing revisions of HP’s 10.1″ netbook. Production of these netbooks is rumored to be set for the end of September.

Even though we’re super excited about potential HP netbooks, at the moment, we don’t have any more details on their tech specs or planned release. No worries though, as soon as details become available, we’ll make sure to let you know.

Via Digitimes.

Image via MobileWhack.


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