May 9 2010

Turn Your Apple iPad Tablet Into a Netbook With the ClamCase

With the release of the Apple iPad tablet comes a whole boatload of accessories being released as well.  One that’s worth noting is the ClamCase (so named for the way it opens — like a clam shell), which basically serves as an all-in-one peripheral for the iPad.  Not only does it serve as a case/protector, but it also serves as a keyboard add-on and a stand as well.

In addition, once the iPhone OS 4.0 is released, maybe the keyboard add-on feature will significantly boost users’ productivity.  Unfortunately, there’s no built-in mousepad on this version of the ClamCase, but maybe that might be something the company considers for future versions of the accessory.

The ClamCase is rumored to hit stores this Fall.  We’ll be sure to keep you posted if we hear any further news and/or uncover some other stellar accessories for the Apple iPad.   Interested in learning a bit more about it now?  Check out the video below.

Via HotHardware.

Apr 26 2010

iPad Camera Connector Works with Other Devices

For some reason a lot of people are very excited about the fact that the iPad Camera Connection Kit works with peripherals other than cameras. In all honesty, I am not sure I understand precisely why this is so exciting—maybe you have to have an iPad to understand.

The iPad Camera Connection Kit is an adapter that allows an iPad user to connect a camera to the iPad via USB port and import photos from the camera onto the iPad. The images are imported with the equivalent of 3-megapixel resolutions and EXIF data is preserved.

The camera adapter can be used to connect other devices to the iPad, apparently. USB keyboards, headphones, headsets, and microphones can also be connected to the iPad with the camera adapter. This opens the possibility of being able to make VoIP phone calls on the iPad.

Via IntoMobile, image via IntoMobile.

Mar 27 2010

Update On iPad Orders

If you have not yet placed an order for an iPad, you will not be able to get your brand-new device on April 3. According to the latest updates on Apple’s website, new orders for the iPad will ship by April 12. Orders that have already been placed still have the delivery date of April 3.

Since the delivery date of the new orders has been pushed, some have said that this means all the pre-orders have taken up all of Apple’s available stock of iPads. No one knows for sure how many iPads Apple ordered or how many pre-orders the company has received. There has been speculation that Apple sold hundreds of thousands of iPads since it began taking pre-orders and that the first three months of iPad sales will top those of the iPhone.

Apple has finally added an essential iPad accessory that was missing from the store earlier: the camera connection kit. The delivery date is listed as “late April.” The delivery dates of the other delayed accessories are unchanged.

Via CNET, image via Apple.

Mar 21 2010

Apple Still Tying up loose ends for iPad Release

Though the iPad is coming out in fewer than two weeks, Apple is still not entirely ready for its release. The company is still trying to tie up loose ends concerning its newest product.

Apple is trying to negotiate more content for the iPad. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Apple is hoping to sign additional agreements with media companies. Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs is famously against Adobe Flash content on websites, so this may explain Apple’s last-minute negotiations.

Another issue concerns accessories for the iPad. Due to the high demand, the ship dates for them have slowly been pushed later and later. At this point, it’s really anyone’s guess whether this will affect iPad sales or not. Analysts have widely varying opinions about iPad sales, with some speculating that Apple could potentially sell 1 million iPads in 74 days, which is how long it took Apple to sell its first 1 million iPhones.

Via eWeek.

Mar 17 2010

Apple iPad Accessories Delayed

You may have lots of apps for it, but not many accessories

If you have pre-ordered an iPad, the odds are that you also decided to get some accessories as well. After all, there are some accessories that are pretty essential, or at least very useful, for the iPad: a case, the Keyboard Dock, and the Camera Kit (which is the only way to get photos from your iPad onto your camera).

Unfortunately, all of the accessories mentioned above are delayed. The case was supposed to ship on April 3, but now has a ship date in mid-April. The Keyboard Dock was supposed to ship in mid-April, but now won’t be available to customers until May. The Camera Kit has not even appeared in the Apple store.

Third-party vendors have started selling iPad accessories, as has been done for the iPhone and iPad. There are quite a number of iPad cases out there that range from cool to strange to just plain funny. The other accessories probably have to be bought from Apple, but iPad customers certainly will not suffer from lack of selection of cases for their new iPads.

Via Computerworld, image via Apple.


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