May 31 2010

Apple Sells Two Millionth iPad

Wow. The iPad has turned out to be way more successful than I expected it to be. Apple has announced today that it has sold its two millionth iPad. Keep in mind that this milestone comes less than a month after the sale of the one millionth iPad and less than sixty days after the initial release of the iPad on April 3.

The iPad was released internationally and, according to Steve Jobs in a press release, “customers around the world are experiencing the magic of iPad, and seem to be loving it as much as we do.”

Apple has also announced that the App Store now has over 5,000 native iPad apps and over 200,000 apps total. Though Apple has not revealed specific sale figures for each of the iPad models or the number of iPads sold in specific countries, avid Apple watchers are hoping for such statistics at the Worldwide Developers Conference, coming up next month.

Via PC World, image via Apple.

May 27 2010

Apple Releases iPad in Europe

Starting on Friday, the iPad will be turned loose to countries other than the United States. Apple is releasing it in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and Germany on Friday and in Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands sometime in July. Major European carriers that will offer service for the iPad have already announced their data plans.

A researcher with Gartner Inc. has said that the iPad is extremely unique and is in a category of its own when it comes to mobile products. Though other companies are planning to manufacture tablets, at this point the iPad really does not have a rival. Gartner has forecasted that the iPad will count for the majority of sales of touchscreen tablet products this year.

In the UK, computer retailer DSG has exclusive rights to sell the iPad for sixty days. In France, there is no one chain of stores with exclusivity.

Via The Wall Street Journal, image via Apple.

May 26 2010

Netbooks Sales Take a Pounding from Apple iPad and Cheap Laptops

According to a recent survey done by Retrevo, a consumer electronics website, netbook sales aren’t doing so hot, mostly because of competition from the Apple iPad and cheaply-priced laptops.  The study surveyed more than 1,000 U.S. consumers.

The Retrevo survey asked consumers whether they are planning on buying an Apple iPad or a netbook.  An overwhelming 78 percent said they would choose an iPad while only 22 percent said they would choose a netbook.

The survey also asked consumers whether they held off on buying a netbook after they heard that the iPad would be released in a couple months.  70 percent of respondents said they would hold out, and 42.86 percent of these actually did end up buying an iPad, while 57.14 percent of these ended up purchasing a netbook.  30 percent of overall respondents did not hold out for the Apple iPad and originally moved forward with a netbook purchase.

The iPad has already sold more than one million units and there’s no doubt that iPad sales are still going strong.  Two of its major advantages includes portability and relatively long battery life.

Even though consumer data indicates that the Apple iPad and cheaply-priced laptops are crippling netbook sales, analysts say that in the near future at least, netbook sales will not be greatly effected due to price-to-value differences.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see how things really turn out.  Don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted.

Via PCWorld.

May 25 2010

About 30% of Netbook Shoppers Go For iPad

Netbooks have been steadily doing better with sales since their introduction, yet data gathered by reveals a dark cloud looming over the horizon. Retrevo conducted a Pulse Study that asked notebook, netbook, and iPad owners what products they thought of buying this past year and what they finally chose. The study also asked what which products consumers are looking at and leaning towards.

It appears that netbooks are feeling the heat from both laptops and the Apple iPad. According to the study, 30% of potential netbook buyers ended up going with the iPad instead. Of course some percent of this market was expected to be acquired, but nonetheless a third is a substantial share. This is part of the manifestation of Apple’s almost cult status. The scarier part is that as far as it goes for consumers deciding between an iPad and netbook for the future, almost 80% are leaning towards an iPad!

Notebooks are also appearing to regain some of their share of the market that they began to lose to netbooks. Retrevo’s data shows that for both past and future buys, netbooks are less appealing to consumers than notebooks.

Despite this competition, netbooks should still always have a place in the market. In second and third world countries, they serve as cheap primary computers. Back here in the US, they still come at an unbeatable price as alternatives.

Via Retrovo, image via Retrovo

May 7 2010

Analyst: iPad Has Not Impacted Netbook Sales

There has been speculation for some time now that the iPad is going to spell the end of netbooks, the small Windows-based notebooks that are a cheaper alternative to more expensive laptops. According to an analyst with the NPD Group, it is much too early at this point to tell if the iPad is going to adversely affect netbook sales.

An analyst with Morgan Stanley said earlier this week that the iPad has severely impacted netbook sales, being that netbooks have sold less this year than they did last year. Though netbook growth is declining, some are saying that we cannot attribute this directly to the iPad.

Instead, the products that will spell the end of the netbook will most likely be Windows notebooks that are slightly more expensive than netbooks. For just a little more money, users can buy computers with full-sized keyboards and bigger screens. The economy may also have played a role: netbooks were a more logical choice when economic times were harder back in 2009.

Via Computerworld, image via ZDnet.

May 3 2010

Apple Sells One Million iPads

It’s official: Apple has sold one million iPads as of last Friday. According to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, the company sold one million iPads in half as much time as it took for one million iPhones to be sold, which is very impressive indeed.

Apple also said that users have downloaded 1.5 million iBooks and over 12 million apps from the App Store. There are 5,000 iPad-specific apps in the App Store. The top-selling apps are Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, all Apple’s answer to Microsoft Office. The games Pinball, Real Racing HD, and Scrabble also remain top-selling apps.

Jobs also said that the demand for the iPad continues to exceed the supply, which is why Apple delayed the international release of the iPad (and why Apple stores sold out of iPads this weekend when the iPad 3G was released).

Via The New York Times, image via Apple.

May 2 2010

Apple Releases 3G iPad

Apple has released the 3G-capable version of its iPad this weekend. According to one analyst, the company sold 300,000 3G iPads this weekend, including pre-orders. If this is true, then Apple sold as many 3G iPads during the first weekend of release as on the first day of the WiFi-only iPad’s release.

The supply of 3G iPads was limited this weekend—many Apple stores reported selling out of iPads, both 3G-capable and WiFi-only capable. This shows how the release of the 3G iPad helped the sales of all iPads.

The analyst has estimated that Apple has sold more than 1 million iPads at this point, which suggests that Apple may exceed expectations for iPad sales during the June quarter.

Customers who pre-ordered the 3G iPad received them in the mail on Friday and those who went to retail stores were able to buy them starting at 5:00 PM on Friday. The 3G models are more expensive than the WiFi-only models and require a data plan with AT&T.

Via AppleInsider, image via Apple.

Apr 25 2010

Apple May Sell 9 Million iPads in 2010

Yes, you read that right: 9 million. The iPad has not been available that long, but it has already seen some fantastic sales—all that hype made people crazy for it.

Chitika Labs, an advertising network, has said that Apple has sold over 1 million iPads. Though this is just an estimate, the methodology seems logical. Here’s how Chitika says it has calculated that figure:

– We count how many new, unique iPads we see coming through the Chitika advertising network
– We multiply that by how much of the Internet we see at any given time to figure out how many iPads in total are out there
– We look at where iPad traffic is coming from by state

This seems like a reasonable estimate—after all, Apple sold 500,000 iPads during the first week, so this would mean sales of roughly 250,000 iPads per week in the second and third weeks.

Assuming a rate of 1 million iPads a month, Apple could sell as many as 9 million (or even 10 million due to holiday sales) in 2010.

Via ZDNet, image via ZDNet.

Apr 23 2010

Apple Bans Potential iPad Customers

Watch out--they've reached their lifetime limit.

As much as I love Apple, even I have to admit that sometimes it can be quite strange. Take, for example, the company’s iPad policy: while most companies want their customers to buy as many of a product as possible, Apple has put a lifetime limit on the number of iPads a person can buy. Yes, you read that correctly: lifetime limit.

I knew that there was a limit of two iPads per customer right now, and I assumed that was because of high demand and limited supplies, so I also assumed (apparently erroneously) that this limit would eventually be lifted. But a medical student who went to buy iPads for friends in foreign countries found out from Apple store employees that there is a lifetime limit of two iPads per person.

That’s just strange. I find it hard to believe that Apple would actually stop a person who has bought two iPads already from upgrading to a 3G capable iPad in a year or so. A lifetime limit is such a strange policy to have. It must be nice to make a product that is so popular that a lifetime limit policy is actually needed.

Via Business Insider, image via Business Insider.

Apr 14 2010

Apple Postpones International Launch of iPad

Apple has postponed the international release of the iPad due to the extreme demand in the United States for the tablet device. Apple exceeded its own internal expectations for iPad sales, selling more than 500,000 during the first week of release. That’s pretty impressive. Some companies have suggested that Apple may sell as many as 7.1 million iPads in 2010.

Though Apple will face many iPad competitors this year, I am willing to bet that most competing tablets will not enjoy the successful sales that the iPad has enjoyed so far. There is simply a huge demand for the iPad, which is probably partly due to the hype and intense speculation before its announcement and release, and the chic factor that comes with most Apple products.

Apps for the iPad have also enjoyed a huge success. According to Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, on April 8 iPad users had downloaded 3.5 million iPad apps and 600,000 iBooks.

Via eWeek, image via Apple.

Mar 27 2010

Update On iPad Orders

If you have not yet placed an order for an iPad, you will not be able to get your brand-new device on April 3. According to the latest updates on Apple’s website, new orders for the iPad will ship by April 12. Orders that have already been placed still have the delivery date of April 3.

Since the delivery date of the new orders has been pushed, some have said that this means all the pre-orders have taken up all of Apple’s available stock of iPads. No one knows for sure how many iPads Apple ordered or how many pre-orders the company has received. There has been speculation that Apple sold hundreds of thousands of iPads since it began taking pre-orders and that the first three months of iPad sales will top those of the iPhone.

Apple has finally added an essential iPad accessory that was missing from the store earlier: the camera connection kit. The delivery date is listed as “late April.” The delivery dates of the other delayed accessories are unchanged.

Via CNET, image via Apple.

Mar 14 2010

iPad Sales Exceed Expectations

Apple began taking orders for the iPad, which is to be released on April 3, this past Friday. By all accounts, the device now looks set to become a huge success. Estimates say that Apple received 120,000 pre-orders for the iPad on Friday alone.

Apple has not released any actual statistics yet, but analysts estimated the number of iPads sold by subtracting Apple’s typical online daily sales from Friday’s online sales. Of course there has been no official confirmation from Apple, but the estimate is probably reliable.

The purchasing appears to be evenly split between the 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB models. Seventy percent of the orders were for the WiFi only model, which is the model being due to be released on April 3 (the 3G model comes out later in April).

Via, image via Apple.


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