Jun 8 2010

Apple unveils the iPhone 4 at WWDC

Yesterday, Steve Jobs unveiled one of the most anticipated products of the year, the Apple iPhone 4 and the consensus seems to be that it did not disappoint. There are many new upgrades and additions to this phone, such as a new body, better display, a second camera, and new OS to name just a few.

The Body:

Its dimensions come out to 4.5×2.31×0.37 inches. The phone weighs 137 grams, making it just a bit heavier than the 3GS (by 3 grams). However, the differences in size and weight are minor enough that they are probably indiscernible to most. The back of the phone has become flatter, the edges more squared off, giving the phone a more powerful look and feel.

The Display:

While the screen is slightly smaller than the 3GS, the phone makes up for that with twice the resolution of older iPhones 960 x 640 as compared to 480 x 320. Keep in mind that the EVO 4G only sports an 800 x 480 resolution. The phone’s pixel density (or PPI) is also the highest of any current smartphone. Having an improved display will become extremely useful in the context of watching videos, which will become even more commonplace with the arrival of the new Netflix app.

The Cameras:

The iPhone 4 comes with an additional camera, a front camera which will be used for face chatting, along with an improved 5-mexapixel back camera with LED flash.

The OS:

One of the biggest surprises is the introduction of a new OS to the phone, the iOS 4. You can read more about the iOS4 here.


The phone will run on the a4 processor, the processor also being used in the iPad. Additionally, the iPhone will come with a 16% larger battery than the one found in the 3G, which will result in an improvement in battery life by 40%. Not bad Steve. This will allow up to 7 hours of talking, 6 hours of browsing, and 10 hours of video.


For all those interested in purchasing this new phone (in either Black or White) and who live in the US, UK, France, Japan, and Germany, it will be available on June 24th. The rest of the world will have to wait anxiously till July. With a new contract, the 16GB version will cost you $199, and the 32GB, $299. Without a contract the phones will cost $599 and $699 respectively.

Check out a video of the new iPhone 4g:

iPhone 4 video

Via Techcrunch

May 27 2010

Predictions for Apple’s WWDC

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is quickly approaching and, as usual, the tech blogosphere abounds with rumors about what Apple will introduce this year. Last year, Wired accurately predicted some major introductions Apple made at WWDC and it has predictions again for this year. Only time will tell if the predictions prove to be accurate.

It’s safe to assume that Apple will introduce its next major iPhone at WWDC. Thanks to some careless Apple employees, the public knows the next iPhone looks like, but we don’t know what it actually can do, as none of the prototypes found were shown doing anything. The 4G iPhone is going to have a front-facing camera, which could be its single major feature.

iPhone OS 4 will also probably be announced. It’s been talked about already, but will probably will be explained in detail at WWDC. From what has already been revealed about the next iPhone OS, it sounds like it will be amazing.

Unfortunately, there will not be a Verizon iPhone, at least not at this WWDC. We’ll have to wait longer for that. And Steve Ballmer will not be at WWDC, contrary to a rumor that circulated the Internet today.

Via Wired.com, image via Wired.com.

May 25 2010

Apple Discontinues iPhone 3G

Apple has discontinued the 8 GB iPhone 3G (this was, until its discontinuation, the oldest iPhone sold by Apple, not the iPhone 3GS). The phone is no longer available for order on the Apple website.

This move is not really surprising because Apple is expected to introduce a new iPhone soon. Plus, the company was offering a pretty good discount on the iPhone 3G. Once the new iPhone is out, the iPhone 3GS will probably become discounted as well.

There are other signs that a new iPhone will be arriving shortly: Wal-Mart has lowered the price of the iPhone 3GS to $97 (just as a side note, the idea of Wal-Mart selling iPhones is wrong in so many different ways) and there have been reports that Apple is casting for a new iPhone commercial. Plus, there was that iPhone lost in a bar a little while back.

iPhone 3GS, your days may be limited.

Via CNET, image via Apple.

May 17 2010

Apple Preparing 24 Million iPhones

You can tell that it’s almost time for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference because of all the iPhone-related speculation in the tech blogosphere (Apple normally announces major iPhone updates at WWDC). The latest speculation concerning the next generation iPhone concerns how many units Apple plans to sell.

A report has said that Apple plans to ship 24 million units by the end of 2010: 4.5 million by the end of June and a further 19.5 million by December. This is a rather sudden upsurge, being that Apple has sold about 50 million iPhones since the introduction of the phone in 2007. The expected upsurge could be explained by a drastic price cut for the phone, which would encourage more people to buy it. Or, Apple could be planning to let companies other than AT&T carry the phone (though this is unlikely, at least in the short-term).

Apple plans to promote the next generation iPhone as an e-reader and encourage users to buy iBooks for it.

Via CNET, image via Gizmodo.

May 17 2010

New iPhone Features Revealed

Apple is usually so good at keeping secrets, so this news is rather surprising to hear: a blogger in Vietnam has leaked images and product details concerning Apple’s upcoming iPhone 4G. The phone is due to be announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference from June 7 to June 11.

New features include a camera in front, metallic buttons, and a higher resolution screen. Video chat will also be available on this phone. The first leaks concerning the new phone were reported by Gizmodo, which ended up getting it in trouble with Apple legally. (Good luck to Apple being able to take legal action against the blogger in Vietnam.)

It is still unclear if the iPhone will continue to be carried exclusively by AT&T or if Apple will work out a deal with Verizon sometime in the future.

Via QuickPWN, image via QuickPWN.

May 9 2010

Verizon and Apple Won’t Partner This Year

Everyone who was excited about the alleged impending partnership of Apple and Verizon will be disappointed to hear this: Apple and Verizon will most likely not be teaming up to release a 4G version of the iPhone this year. The evidence for this? Apple has extended its exclusive iPhone contract with AT&T by six months.

This does not mean that Apple will not be releasing a 4G version of the iPhone with AT&T as the carrier. In fact, that is what many people are expecting. Apple often announces important things like that at its Worldwide Developers Conference each June. Apple would be foolish not to offer a 4G iPhone in the near future—some analysts have suggested that Apple is falling behind in the 4G market.

After the exclusive contract with AT&T ends, Apple should let other wireless companies carry the iPhone. It would be the smartest move on its part because there are many customers who would love to have iPhones but cannot due to not having AT&T.

Via Social Media SEO, image via Social Media SEO.

Apr 21 2010

Apple Wants Device Returned

Remember that mysterious device, found on the floor of a bar, that was allegedly the next iPhone? I initially dismissed the idea that it was the next iPhone, but now the plot thickens because according to tech blog Gizmodo, Apple wants the device returned.

Gizmodo said that it bought the device for $5,000 from a source who found it. Gizmodo then proceeded to thoroughly about the device in a post that received 5 million hits. On Tuesday Gizmodo posted a letter to Brian Lam, Gizmodo’s editorial director, from Bruce Sewell, general counsel for Apple. The letter was a formal request for Gizmodo to return the device to Apple.

According to Gizmodo, the device was left at the bar by Gray Powell, an Apple employee who was celebrating his birthday there. Gizmodo has posted a reply to Apple’s letter, agreeing to return the device. Apple’s insistence at having the device returned raises the question: is it the real thing?

Via Philadelphia Inquirer, image via Engadget.

Apr 18 2010

iPhone 4G Found in a Bar?

The latest, slightly ridiculous Apple rumor concerns the upcoming 4G iPhone, which is expected to be released as early as this June (AT&T has allegedly barred employees from taking vacations this June, so maybe something big is going to happen).

Images that are allegedly of the upcoming iPhone surfaced on the Internet today, acquired in very strange circumstances. A 4G iPhone was allegedly found on the floor of a San Jose bar in an iPhone 3G case. The device in question has a front-facing camera, 80 GB of storage, and an OS that is definitely different from the current iPhone OS.

However, some blogs are asserting that the phone in question is actually a Japanese counterfeit of the iPhone, which I think is very plausible. It seems very unlikely to me that a company as secretive as Apple would let an iPhone 4G anywhere near a bar (or any other public place, for that matter).

Via CNET, image via Engadget.


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