Feb 4 2010

Leeenux Netbook OS Upgrades to Version 2.0

A new version of Leeenux, a Linux distribution for netbooks, has come out. Version 2.0, upgraded from 1.3, includes the Firefox 3.7 beta, Thunderbird for email/calendar management, and multiple emulators for SNES and Sega Genesis. Installation takes up only 1.2 GB, and best of all, you can download it for free. If you are wondering about other reasons why you should install Leeenux for your netbook, take a look at this list taken from the Leeenux website:

Why Leeenux?

  • Because it’s fast.
  • Stable.
  • Works Out of the Box.
  • Free.
  • Installation takes only 1.2GB.
  • It is the best linux distribution for Asus eee with 7″ screens.
  • Uses Ubuntu Netbook Remix menu, adjusted for netbooks with small screens.
  • Battery life is much longer with eee-control.
  • Honestly, I’m just excited about the SNES emulator!

    Get your free version of Leeenux here.

    Via Liliputing



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