May 25 2010

Google Buys AdMob, Threatens Apple

Apple has been trying to break into mobile advertising recently and it seemed as if it would succeed in this endeavor due to iAd, a mobile ad service the company launched last month. However, Google is not going to give up its primacy in online advertising without a fight, as evidenced by a recent acquisition, AdMob Inc. With the purchase of this company, which was just recently cleared by regulators, Google will become the largest mobile advertising company.

Google’s acquisition of AdMob could make Android more attractive to advertisers who want to reach a large audience. This in turn could facilitate Android’s growth and even allow Android to surpass Apple by 2013. Though Apple is still a lot more widespread than Android, Android is increasing at a much faster rate and this incredible increase will allow it to pass Apple in the near future.

Both Apple and Google have declined to comment about the situation.

Via Business Week, image via AdMob.

Jan 6 2010

Apple Buys Quattro Wireless For $250 Million

Apple has bought Quattro Wireless, a mobile advertising company, according to a blog entry on Quattro’s website. The company provides an ad serving, tracking, and analytics platform to help advertisers bring ads to mobile consumers. Mobile advertising is so far a relatively untapped market. Nevertheless, it is important because of the increasing ubiquitousness of mobile devices. Apple could use mobile advertising through Quattro to increase the revenue it gets from the iPhone.

The blog entry did not mention any details about the acquisition, and representatives from the two companies could not be reached. All Things Digital, a blog by the The Wall Street Journal, said that Apple planned to pay $250 million for Quattro.

Apple is not the only company branching out into mobile advertising. In November, Google said it would be paying $750 million for AdMob, another mobile advertising company. However, that deal may fall through due to antitrust regulations.

Via Computerworld.


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