May 16 2010

Intel: Dual-Core Atom Netbooks On the Way

At the company’s investor meeting in Santa Clara, California this past week, Intel showed off a netbook that was equipped with the company’s very own Intel Atom dual-core processor.  The webcast event also showed off a new tablet computer that would be equipped with an Intel Atom chipset.

New netbooks and tablets featuring Intel chips will be displayed at Computex 2010.  According to Mooly Eden, the Vice President and General Manager of Intel’s PC Client Group, the company wants to raise the bar in netbook performance and they’re aiming to do that with the release of dual-core Atom processors.  Essentially, this technology will allow users to more efficiently run multiple applications on their netbooks at the same time.

Netbooks have been around for a while, and people are no longer willing to sacrifice their relatively poor performance (at least compared to laptops) for the added portability and convenience.   Eden says, “People are not willing to compromise anymore. We do not think about one thing, we think about several things at a time. We expect our computer to do the same thing.”

According to Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini, the netbook market is continuing to grow, so improving the performance of netbook technology is very important.

Via PCWorld.

Oct 5 2009

Nvidia And Adobe Team Up For Better Netbook Performance

Credit: Nvidia

Credit: Nvidia

Nvidia and Adobe had announced a committment to bring rich web experiences to netbooks through their all-new Open Screen Project. The project is designed to boost the capabilities of Flash Player 10.1 using Nvidia GPUs. Development of Flash through Nvidia could have  a beneficial impact on netbooks, especially considering the extent to which Nvidia chipsets have already appeared in netbooks.

HP, Lenovo, Samsung, and Acer are all customers of Nvidia that would benefit through the implementation of better GPU and graphics acceleration on their netbooks and other gadgets.

Dan Vivoli, senior VP of Nvidia, explained that “Consumers want the best Internet experience – whether it’s a mobile device in their pocket or a netbook at the coffee shop,” and “[Nvidia’s] engineers have worked closely with Adobe to make this a reality.” This will most likely mean smoother viewing experiences of flash platforms using SD and HD video via Nvidia GeForce, Ion, and Tegra GPUs.

Via I4U.

Sep 30 2009

Sluggish Netbook Performance Feared For Windows 7

Microsoft claims that Windows 7 will run great on netbooks, but how tested is this claim? Most netbooks run XP totally fine but run Vista slowly. While it seems likely that 7 will be more resource-taxing than XP, will it really be light-weight enough to run on an Intel Atom?

Windows 7 Starter Edition is the version that’s been tested on most netbooks. We don’t have to worry about a three-application limit, as was earlier rumored, but Starter Edition does disable some features… like the ability to change your desktop background.

Netbooks running the full version of Windows 7 might therefore suffer in performance, a prediction corroborated by the Washington Post on a Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2. Their conclusions?

“So while it looks as though Windows 7 will run on a netbook, you may want to take the OS for a spin on a demo netbook at a store before you decide to upgrade.”

That’s sound advice. There are only 22 days left until 7 is launched, so look out for many more updates about the new Windows OS in the coming weeks.

Jul 8 2009

Windows XP Slow On Your Netbook? Fix It The Easy Way

While the more tech savvy among us have hundreds of tricks for trimming the fat on Windows XP, there’s one method that nails the big issues and takes only a minute to do. Here’s how it goes:

  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. Double click System.
  3. Click the Advanced tab, then the Settings button in the Performance header.
  4. The Visual Effects tab is generally set to Let Windows choose what’s best for my computer by default. Well, if you’re on a netbook, Windows might not know best – switch it to Adjust for best performance. Your may notice that your interface is now a bit more boring.
  5. Click Ok and wait while Windows adjusts to your settings.

Your netbook should run faster now, as it is expending less energy on visual effects.

Is your netbook still not fast enough? Try some free downloadable applications instead of their clunkier store-bought counterparts, or try out Ubuntu Linux.

Via WP.


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