Jun 6 2010

Onkyo DX netbook with dual screens

At Computex 2010, Onkyo revealed a new netbook with not one, but two 10.1 inch LCD screens. Along with two screens, $956 will land you a netbook with AMD’s 1.6GHz Neo MV-40 processor, 320GB of hard-drive, 2GB of ram, and ATI’s Radeon HD 3200 graphics card.  Additionally, it comes with a webcam, wifi, bluetooth capabilities, Windows 7, and a battery lasting close to 4 hours.

This is definitely not a cheap netbook and we believe there are numerous other more inexpensive and better alternatives out there. However, should you want to acquire this model, it will go on sale for $956 in December.

Via Netbooked

May 15 2010

Rumor: ASUS Netbook To Include a Slot-In 3G Mobile Phone

The line between a notebook and a netbook has long ago been blurred, and now the same trend may occur between a netbook and a smartphone!  ASUS is planning on launching an Eee PC netbook that will have mobile phone capabilities.  The phone part of the device will be built-in and will double as 3G connectivity as well.  This means that both devices would operate off the same SIM card.

The phone module is currently sold by Modu, an Israeli company.  The company also sells other shell devices that go along with their phone modules.  For example, Modu currently sells digital photo frames that can connect to the phone and display pictures that are taken from it.

According to Andrew Tse, the head of UK distributor Purely Gadgets, the netbook/phone combo is highly convenient, “If you don’t want to take the netbook out for the evening you just pull out the phone and take that.”  The release date is still unknown but we’ll keep you posted on any new developments about this awesome device.

Via TheInquirer.

Image via NetbookChoice.

Mar 31 2010

Karim Rashid’s Pink Alligator Themed Eee PC 1008P Netbook Collection by ASUS

Asus 1008P-KR Case / Mouse

ASUS UK has put together a new ASUS Eee PC Seashell 1008P netbook collection with the help of designer Karim Rashid. We heard hints about the thing back in January, but the collection will go on display this weekend in London.

The 1008P netbook, based on the Eee PC 1008HA will be sold alongside a host of matching accessories, including a slim alligator-styled case and colored mouse.

Via NetbookReviews.

Mar 30 2010

A Solution To Netbook Keyboard Worries

Face it: your netbook has a tiny keyboard, and that sucks. It’s just one of those annoying things that comes with the form factor, and you wouldn’t trade it for the world. But does that have to be the case? Behold:

This tantalizing netbook prototype, first shown at Yanko Design, will allow you to pack a lot more keyboard into a small space, as you can see. An additional layer would definitely add some thickness to the netbook, but this could definitely be a worthwhile tradeoff if you’ve got man-fingers like me.

Once upon a time I would have doubted that this netbook could ever hit the market, but this is a world where we have dual-screen netbooks and netbooks with removable displays. Nothing’s surprising anymore, is it?

Mar 29 2010

US Consumers Prefer a Netbook to an iPad, Says Survey

According to an NPD survey, it looks like the majority of US consumers between the ages of 18 and 24 would take a netbook over an iPad any day of the week. The majority is a slim one, ranking in at 51%. Furthermore, 44% of Apple product owners would take a MacBook over either.

Nevertheless, 27% of 18-34 year olds show interest in the purchase of an iPad, though 57% of the age group say the high price of the device is the reason they wouldn’t purchase one. Apple product owners were less put off, with only 43% saying the price was too high.

9% of all respondents of the survey were “extremely likely” or “very likely” to buy an iPad within the next six months.

Via StrategyEye.

Mar 19 2010

More Netbook Accessories Coming To The Market

Just as there are a variety of accessories that men and women can adorn themselves with to make themselves look better, there are ones for netbooks to make the experience better. Scosche, a tech company specializing in mobile electronics and accessories, has recently announced their new netbook accessory lineup for 2010. The new accessories offered will enhance several netbook aspects such as audio, communication, and safety.

So what kind of products are being offered specifically? Well, here’s a few…


  • We have the skyCASTER wireless RF Computer Headphones with USB transmitter. This cushy headset comes with an adjustable microphone, making it an ideal tool for programs such as Skype. The headphones provide a range of up to 100 ft and deliver excellent sound quality.


  • Then there’s blueLIFE, a low profile Bluetooth® USB adapter, for Bluetooth savvy users.


  • Scosche will be offering the netBOOK Protect line which includes the netSUIT PRO carrying case for both netbooks and iPads!

With such great products available, the netbook’s easy handling is only getting easier.

Via Liliputing, image via MaxBorgesAgency.

Mar 11 2010

Wireless Easy Dock Boosts Netbook Usability

Computers have evolved into more powerful and efficient processing systems, laptops and netbooks were designed for portability over the traditional desktop, and even cell phones are beginning to display computer-like qualities. As technology advances, the desire for convenience has successfully sustained itself.

Warpia’s newly released “Easy Dock” further continues the convenience trend. The Easy Dock enables the user to connect and transfer information to the monitor, speaker, keyboard, and mouse on a netbook or laptop to a conventional desktop setting.

Furthermore, through technology from Wisair, the process is done completely wirelessly. With the Easy Dock, any consumer can utilize both the portability of a netbook and the processing power of a desktop.

Warpia’s new product will be compatible with Windows 7, XP, Vista, Apple’s Leopard and Snow Leopard, and is currently on sale for $149.99.

Via Gizmag

Mar 10 2010

Pixel Qi: The Answer for Netbook Battery Life Woes?

Netbooks are renowned for their maneuverability; but not so much for battery life. Pixel Qi, an American brand company that manufactures energy efficient computer displays technology, may be destined to make a change. Mary Lou Jepsen, the founder of Pixel Qi, announced last Sunday that the company will begin offering display screens specially designed for netbooks.

These new displays function by utilizing traditional LCD’s, but become power efficient by being able to turn off the backlight and switch to a low-power mode. As a result, the power consumption can be reduced up to 75%. Another useful feature is how the screens are designed to reduce glare and maintain readability on screen in bright outdoor conditions.

Some people may be deterred by this product due to the need for manual labor in switching the screens. However, the operation is simple enough a 5-year-old could do it, and not even the most brilliant 5-year old either. According to Jepsen, “One of the reasons I’m personally committed to doing this goes back to my One Laptop per Child experience and girls in a poor rural part of Nigeria… An 11 year old girl decided to open a laptop hospital [and] she eventually recruited girls as young as 5 to help out in the hospital. This group of girls armed with screwdrivers starting taking apart the laptops and reseating the cables. Sometimes they’d change out a screen, or a speaker.”

If battery life and readability increases are important to you, definitely look into Pixel Qi.

Via ZDnet.

Mar 5 2010

School Netbook Program Implemented in Sanborn, NY

The effects of the technological revolution is beginning to become manifest in school systems. Niagara Wheatfield, a public school district in Sanborn, New York, has just recently proposed to their school board that all fifth graders should be provided with netbooks.

Mary Ann Buch, the leader of an instructional technology committee, suggested that netbooks specially designed for instructional purposes will further enrich and support student learning. Also, by taking advantage of the portable nature of the netbooks, students will keep in contact with the class program outside of conventional school time.

The netbooks will be linked to access points installed throughout the Errick Road Elementary School and Edward Town Middle School, and can only be accessed through the student netbooks, blocking anyone else.

The proposal however, comes with a hefty price-tag: each netbook will cost from $198 to $400, Buch later said. If the netbooks are purchased through the Educational Services contract, the school will be reimbursed 68%.  Now, the only question is how effectively the Niagara Wheatfield school district will utilize the new netbooks if the proposal is accepted.

Via Buffalonews

Mar 5 2010

Amplifying the Netbook

One aspect that netbooks and laptops are consistently inferior to desktop computers in is within the sound department. Due to the countless high-tech external speakers for desktop computers on the market today, the weaker internal speakers on the majority of netbooks seem insignificant in comparison.

But earlier today, Logitech released the external laptop speaker Z205. This new speaker model boasts an internal sound card and stereo speakers to augment quality of sound as well as projection. The slim efficient design is meant to sustain portability in the netbook and is meant to be simply inserted in a USB port and docked right above the netbook’s screen.

Whether you strive for a more immersive experience in gaming, less sound distortion in YouTube videos, or simply more thorough enjoyment when casually listening to music, Logitech’s laptop speaker Z205 will surely help get the job done. If you’re looking to boost your audio experience on your netbook, Z205 speakers should be a primary option.

Models are sold at a sensible $39.99 and should be available for sale in the next couple days.

Via EverythingUSB

Mar 3 2010

AMD and NVIDIA Begin HTPC/Netbook Platform War of 2010

March 2, 2010 – This day marks the dawn of the coming generation of hardware platforms.  Both AMD and NVIDIA unveiled their new platforms today, meaning some exciting GPU integration for future products.

First off is AMD’s 890GX chipset.  This platform is for general motherboard usage across a variety of products.  However, it is poised towards the HTPC market, providing high-quality HD viewing with a not so expensive price.  The 890GX delivers this using the HD 4920 GPU for integrated graphic, which is DirectX 10.1 compliant and rendering 1080p video through MPEG2, VC-1, and H.264. Also look for USB 3.0 on certain motherboards.

On NVIDIA’s side comes the long awaited Next-Generation ION with Optimus technology, formerly known as the ION 2.  The next-gen ION is boasting major gains over the original ION, and NVIDIA claims it will be 10x as powerful as the integrated GPUs supplied by Intel.  It will be able to provide 1080p and 3D gaming to your tiny 10.1” screen.

The ION architecture will vary between 10.1” netbooks and larger 12-inch models, with each respectively getting 8 and 16 CUDA cores.  There are already 30 products lined up for release with the next-gen ION, with the first being the Acer Aspire One 532G.  Look forward to summer where these products should enter the market.

Via DailyTech

Feb 24 2010

What’s So Magical About the Apple iPad?

Recently, Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook told a group of investors that the iPad’s “magical properties” will be what lures potential netbook buyers towards this new product. However, he seems to have overlooked a simple fact that consumers likely won’t: a netbook is capable of accomplishing essentially any task the iPad can perform, and at a lower cost.

The allure that the iPad brings with it is the user “experience,” though it is debatable how much of a better experience that will end up being. One of the iPad’s primary and most obvious features is its touch-screen interface. For something like the iPhone, there are attractive benefits to using a touch pad, as the interface is easy and flexible. However, that same kind of interface may not be as convenient for buyers in the netbook/notebook market. Many individuals who would seek to use such a product at work might find typing on the screen itself less appealing, as often it is easier to make a typing mistake on touch-screen interface keyboards.

Though the iPad is likely to appeal to those who were wooed by the iTouch and iPhone, it is unlikely that it will be seen as superior to a netbook in terms of capability and function.

Via PCWorld, image via PCWorld.

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Dec 26 2009

OLPC Plans to Release XO 3 Touchscreen Netbook for under $100 by 2012

The OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) charity organization has ambitious plans for its latest netbook design. Earlier this month, the organization announced its plans to create the impossibly thin OLPC XO-3 tablet in two years time.  Now OLPC is hoping to distribute the XO-3 touchscreen laptop to impoverished children around the globe by the year 2012. Note: the projected price range of the device is less than a hundred dollars.

The original OLPC XO netbook is already out in the market and has been distributed to 1.4 million children in 35 different countries. The charity’s new creation will have a 9-inch touchscreen and will contain neither a mouse nor keyboard.  It is also planned to be extremely sturdy and run an ARM processor.

If the success of its XO netbook is any indicator, OLPC will likely reach its goal and continue to provide valuable education to children who otherwise would not have the opportunity.

Via TechWatch, image via Guardian.

Dec 21 2009

New Dell Mini 10 Netbook Uses Intel Atom N450 CPU

Dell’s 10-inch netbook has gotten an upgrade. The new Dell Mini 10 will implement Intel’s 1.66GHz Pineview Atom N450 processor, replacing the current Mini 10 and 10V which use Z520 and N270 processors.  The Mini 10 will be offered starting January 7th with your choice of Windows 7 or Ubuntu Linux. In addition to the processor upgrade, the Mini 10 will change some features, adding in a new textured palm rest and scrapping the multi-gesture capabilities of the trackpad. However, the integrated trackpad buttons will remain.

A few optional features have also become available with this new model. They include 3G or GPS Bluetooth, Broadcom Crystal HD Solution software, and a built-in TV tuner. The battery can now also be upgraded to a 6-cell battery. Luckily, the base price of the netbook will remain the same at $299.

Image Via UberGizmo

Via TechTree

Dec 20 2009

Marks & Spencer Netbook

British Retail Company Marks & Spencer has announced the upcoming release of its first netbook, the MSNB-2009.  It is the largest retailer in the United Kingdom and only recently began venturing into selling technology.

The Marks & Spencer netbook’s features will include:

  • 10-inch LCD Display
  • 1 GB DDR2
  • Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor
  • Windows XP

This lackluster netbook is another addition to a continually saturated and expanding market. Like most brand name apparel from well-known retailers, you seem to pay for the name and what it represents, rather than for the actual attributes of the product. This seems to be the case with this netbook computer, offering the prestige of the Marks & Spencer name and not much else.

Image Via TFTS


Dec 19 2009

Olevia’s Underwhemling P10 Netbook

Olevia has released a new device for its netbook line, the P10. It holds all the specifications that are expected of any netbook, and adds nothing to differentiate itself from the masses. The only expected highlight of Olevia’s P10 netbook will be its slightly lower price range. This will be the netbooks sole advantage that may manage to attract customers to the product.

The netbook offers:

  • 10.1-Inch Display
  • Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz Processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 160 GB Hard Drive
  • Wi-Fi
  • Linux or Windows Operating System

This isn’t Olevias first go-round in the netbook market, as it released the Yones X11A a few months back.

Image Via UberGizmo

Via UberGizmo

Dec 17 2009

Is Google Making a Netbook?

Is Google creating its own brand of netbooks? This wouldn’t be incredibly surprising, considering that netbook fever is running rampant in the technology world, but it’s still news that Google has decided to join in on the fun.

Michael Arrington, TechCrunch CEO, claims that more than one reliable source has revealed Google to be currently working with manufacturers to create a list of netbook specifications. The exact details of what Google’s netbook will contain are still a mystery, but it is speculated that the netbook will veer from the traditional and incorporate the new Nvidia Tegra graphics chip along with an ARM Processor.

The most exciting revelation is that Google will be selling their netbook and smartphone creations directly to consumers. That’s right – there might be a Google store popping up in your neighborhood in the near future.

ImageVia Tech-New

Via PcWorld

Dec 17 2009

ViewSonic Releases VNB102 Netbook

ViewSonic has just announced the launch of its very first netbook, the VNB102 ViewBook. The company is better known for its production of computer monitors and has apparently decided to join the netbook bandwagon.

The VNB102 Viewbook will be officially released to consumers this Friday. The device isn’t innovative in any way, but it will be able to keep up with others in its rank.

Features Include:

  • Intel Atom Processor
  • 10-inch LCD Display
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 160 GB Hard Drive
  • WiFi
  • 3 USB Ports

The VNB102 ViewBook will have a $399 price-tag.


Image Via TFTS

Dec 16 2009

LG XNote LGX30 Netbook Rumors

This uber-thin netbook is yet to be officially unveiled by LG, but some images and vague specifications have leaked.  It is speculated that since the LGX30 has been given to the FCC for review, already well into development. It will likely be released sometime next year. The netbook is equipped with:

  • An 11.6 inch LCD screen
  • An unspecified Intel Atom Processor
  • Intel GMA 500 graphics card
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • Built-in webcam

LG is a newbie to the netbook business, but at 1.76 pounds the LGX30 will be a strong competitor to Dell’s newly released Vostro V13.  We will have to wait for an official release by LG to learn more exact details on the LGX30.  As of now it seems to be another addition to the stylish, economical, and razor-thin netbook category.

Via Softpedia

Image Via Softpedia

Dec 16 2009

The $99 Netbook Becomes A Reality

Creating a netbook that costs less than 100 dollars once seemed like an impossible dream, but Cherrypal made it a reality. Cherrypal has launched the Cherrypal Africa, a $99 netbook, a computer aimed at satisfying the needs of the population of third world countries which could benefit greatly from internet access.

It is expected that the netbook will not be equipped with more than the bare necessities. Features include a 7-inch screen, 400 Mhz Processor, 256 MB Ram, and 2 GB of flash memory.

The CherryPal Africa is powerful enough to browse the internet and opens up the educational opportunities of impoverished children all over the developing world. Although this netbook is not for the average American able to afford a netbook with more bells and whistles, it is a big step forward towards better education for the less fortunate.

Via PcWorld

Image Via PcWorld


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