Jun 8 2010

iPhone OS becomes iOS 4 on June 21st

Now that apple has the iPad in addition to the iPhone and iPod touch all running the same OS, it makes even less sense to call it the iPhone Operating System. Thus, the iOS is born. But, as the network engineers reading this know, Cisco already has a trademark on IOS for all of its router and network switch operating systems. Then we hear the patent lawyers say there is no problem. Trademarks depend on the market segment so an operating system for consumer devices can have the same name as an operating system for network devices.

Apple doesn’t want to deal with all this nonsense, so it has instead licensed the use the trademark so that Cisco doesn’t sue. Litigation costs are kept to a minimum and everybody wins.

Some of the highlights of the new operating system include: multitasking; one inbox for all your email accounts; Bing has been added to the list of search engines; clicking on an iAd keeps you in app still (this should increase earnings for app companies as clicks/impressions will inevitably go up) and many many developer tools and APIs.

The “Golden Master Candidate” version of iOS 4 is now available for developers, so head out and create some amazing app that will make you a million bucks.

via ars


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