Jan 17 2010

Toshiba NB305 Released For $399 With Pine Trail CPU

The Toshiba NB305 has been released with a price of $399. It’s essentially an upgrade to the NB205, coming with the same huge touchpad, metal keyboard, glowing power button and textured matte lid.

Toshiba has made this version a bit more attractive by tucking the battery underneath the chassis, rather than let it jut out the back. It tapers from 1.4 inches to 0.5 from front the back and is overall a slimmer version of the Toshiba build we’ve come to know and love.

Features include a 1.66 GHz Atom N450 CPU, Windows 7 Starter, a gig of RAM expandable to 2 GB and a 250 GB HDD. The NB305 has a 1024 x 600 pixel resolution on a 10-inch screen, Intel GMA 3150 graphics, three USB ports, VGA, Ethernet, and an SD card reader.

Toshiba has boosted audio quality and volume  as well. As we noted back in August, the NB205 was a fantastic netbook beset by crappy audio. Supposedly, this has all been amended in the new NB305 netbook.

The Toshiba NB305 has an 8.5-hr battery life and you can get it at Amazon now.

Via MobileMag.

Jan 13 2010

New 11.6″ Wyse X90cw Netbook Runs Atom Z520 CPU

Wyse Technology delivering a new netbook called the X90cw, running the Intel Atom Z520 on a 11.6-inch display.

The new netbook, according to Wyse director of marketing David Angwin, will be a lighter-weight product – only about 1.45 kg – and deliver longer battery life than the majority of netbooks. For these perks, the Wyse X90cw netbook will also come with a hefty $699 price tag.

The X90cw runs server-based applications through Microsoft’s Windows Embedded Standard 2009. It can connect to the internet with Wi-Fi, 3G, or wired Ethernet, and is compatible with desktop virtualizers through Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware.

Via PCWorld, image via EarthTimes.

Dec 11 2008

Simmtronics Releases Mobile CPU Netbook With Intel Atom

SIMMTRONICS SEMICONDUCTORS Ltd., a manufacturer of memory modules, motherboards, and graphics cards, has decided to launch its very own netbook. The netbook will be based on the Intel Atom mobile CPU, and will be ready for release in the Indian market this year.

Simmtronics semiconductors


  • It comes with Intel Atom processor N270 at 1.6 GHz core speed with 533 MHz AGTL+ front-side bus (FSB) and 2.5 watts thermal design power2 (TDP).
  • Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology reduces average system power consumption. The enhanced low-power sleep states (C1E, C2E, C4E) are optimised for power by forcibly reducing the performance state of the processor when it enters a package low-power state. Designed specifically for mobile devices, it uses a brand new design structure, the dynamic L2 cache sizing -that reduces electrical leakage in transistors-to conserve energy, giving you more time away from the wall outlet.

Commenting on the Netbook plans in India, Vinit Shangle, national sales manager, Simmtronics Semiconductors, said, “We have kept our distribution and marketing plans discreet owing to the ongoing economic recession and increasing numbers of delayed payments and defaulter cases. In the current scenario, we do not wish to invest in branding and marketing promotions. However, when the market gets right, we will launch full-fledged range of Netbooks, in partnership with Intel. We expect to sell 400 units of Netbooks by the end of December.”


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