Dec 26 2009

OLPC Plans to Release XO 3 Touchscreen Netbook for under $100 by 2012

The OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) charity organization has ambitious plans for its latest netbook design. Earlier this month, the organization announced its plans to create the impossibly thin OLPC XO-3 tablet in two years time.  Now OLPC is hoping to distribute the XO-3 touchscreen laptop to impoverished children around the globe by the year 2012. Note: the projected price range of the device is less than a hundred dollars.

The original OLPC XO netbook is already out in the market and has been distributed to 1.4 million children in 35 different countries. The charity’s new creation will have a 9-inch touchscreen and will contain neither a mouse nor keyboard.  It is also planned to be extremely sturdy and run an ARM processor.

If the success of its XO netbook is any indicator, OLPC will likely reach its goal and continue to provide valuable education to children who otherwise would not have the opportunity.

Via TechWatch, image via Guardian.

Dec 23 2009

OLPC XO-3 Tablet of the Future Dreams Big

Yves Behar, designer for OLPC, has revealed a concept vision of its pet project, the XO-3 tablet.  The tablet will be comprised of an 8.5 x11 inch touchscreen. The surface of the device also reveals a camera on the back and a small ring in the upper left hand corner, used to carry the tablet around.

The tablet plans to make use of the possible improvements in technology that will be uncovered within the next two years. The OX-3 hopes to use no more than one watt of power to keep both its processor and Pixel Qi screen running. In addition, it is projected to be about half as thick as the current iPhone model.

Is this tablet prototype dreaming too big? Only time will tell.

Via Engadget.

Apr 20 2009

10 Ultraportable Netbooks

Nowadays, an increasing number of people are making the transition from laptops and personal computers to netbooks and purchasing netbooks to use as a second or third computer. While netbooks may seem relatively small and powerless when compared to standard personal computers, they actually have many of the same functionality and performance standards as PCs.

Netbooks are able to handle various common tasks (access documents and pictures, surf the net, listen to music, etc.) and can also be customized by the installation of various internal and external accessories (like touch screens, tv tuners, or GPS chips). With all these extras, why buy a chunky PC when you can buy a lightweight netbook?

Ten netbooks that are worth checking out include:

1. OLPC XO – Base price: ~$150-$200, Screen Size: 7.5″ screen, Weight: 3.2 pounds


2. Asus Eee PC 900 – Base price: ~$300, Screen Size: 8.9″, Weight: 2.2 pounds

3. Acer Aspire One – Base Price: ~$350, Screen Size: 8.9″, Weight: 2.2 pounds

4. MSI Wind – Base Price: ~$430, Screen Size: 10″, Weight: 2.3 pounds

5. HP 2133 Mini-Note – Base Price: ~$400, Screen Size: 8.9″, Weight: 2.8 pounds


6. Intel Classmate – Base Price: ~$400, Screen Size: 8.9″, Weight: 3.3 pounds

7. Everex Cloudbook – Base Price: ~$250-$300, Screen Size: 7″, Weight: 2.0 pounds


8. Lenovo IdeaPad S10 – Base Price: ~$350, Screen Size: 10.2″, Weight: 2.65 pounds


9. Dell Inspiron Mini 9 – Base Price: ~$300, Screen Size: 8.9″, Weight: 2.28 pounds

10. VIA OpenBook – Base Price: ~$500, Screen Size: 8.9″, Weight: 2.0 pounds

Via CTV and Forbes.


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