May 21 2010

HP Has Plans for a WebOS Tablet Instead of a Netbook

Hewlett Packard has acquired both Palm and its WebOS platform, but according to an HP executive in Taiwan, will not be manufacturing any type of netbook with this technology.  Instead, HP has plans to create a tablet that is based on the WebOS operating system.

Monty Wong, the Vice President of the Personal Computing Systems Group at HP Taiwan, said that an HP WebOS tablet might be ready by October of this year, but did not offer any further details regarding the device’s release.  More details are expected to surface later in July, after the Palm acquisition is finalized.

Furthermore, Wong believes that netbooks are too similar in functionality to laptops, so it wouldn’t make sense to play in that arena.  Also, making a WebOS-based netbook that is operated by a mouse and keyboard seems silly because WebOS is a touch-based operating system.  It’s better for HP to create a tablet, since touchscreen netbooks and laptops haven’t been big hits in the market thus far anyway.

Via Myce.

Apr 28 2010

HP to Buy Palm

Computer maker Hewlett-Packard announced today that it intends to purchase Palm, the struggling maker of Pre and Pixi smartphones. HP will pay $1.2 billion for Palm and gain access to Palm’s software for smartphones and computer tablets. The acquisition will help Palm immensely, as it had to put itself up for sale due to financial difficulties.

HP should be a help to Palm, as it has a lot more money, but both companies have ultimately been less than successful in the mobile phone market. Analysts have said that there will be challenges for the two companies.

Both HP and Palm have not fared well over the past three years and were overshadowed by other makers of smartphones like Apple and Research in Motion. Few people even know that HP does indeed make smartphones—though it is the number one seller of PCs in the world, it is not even in the top 20 sellers of smartphones.

Via The New York Times, image via HP.

Mar 12 2010

Android Rises in Smartphone Market, Blackberry Still King

ComScore, a market research firm, recently reported share holdings from September to January in the smartphone industry.  The results are mostly positive for Android, which has posted significant gains, and has finally overtaken Palm. Android now holds roughly 10% of the market, while Palm continues to steadily dip.  WinMo’s prospects don’t look much better either; after capping at 20% in October, it has also begun a major plummet.

Meanwhile, the iPhone has remained strong throughout Q4 ‘09, keeping its number 2 spot.  It now commands a strong 25.1% of the market, and seems to be going up.  The possibility of an iPhone OS 4.0 could bring new converts to the House of Apple, but they will have much to do before they can eclipse the Covenant of RIM.  Blackberry stands still as the premier smartphone, at a massive 43%, and has survived despite the lack of hype or interest tech blogs have had on RIM products.

Via Ars Technica


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