Oct 9 2009

Super High Price Tag on Superthin Sony Vaio X Netbook

The Sony Vaio X netbook is super thin and super lightweight, but is it really worth its price tag? We have some earlier articles introducing these machines but here’s some more in-depth information about Sony’s X series netbooks.

These 11.1″ machines come in two models, the VPC-X11S1E/B and the VPC-X11Z1E/X. Screen resolutions on both models are 1366×768 and both models are available in black, gold, and “premium carbon” colors.

The main differences between the two Sony Vaio X models are the processor speed and storage capacity. The VPC-X11S1E/B is powered by a 1.86GHz Intel Atom Z540 processor and has a 128GB SSD while the VPC-X11Z1E/X is powered a 2.0GHz Intel Atom Z550 processor and has 256GB SSD. The latter netbook will no doubt be much better for running the new Windows 7 OS.

Each of these netbooks is expected to be able to run for eight hours, but a larger battery can push this number to 16. Not bad at all. 3G is also an option, but keep in mind that it tends to drain battery life faster. The price tag of the Sony Vaio X netbooks is nothing to boast about. These machines don’t come cheap, at roughly $1300 a pop.

Via MobileComputerMag.

Image via GadgetFolder.

Sep 2 2009

Sony Vaio X-Series Netbooks Are Small, Sleek, and Sexy

Think Apple’s MacBook Air is the pure epitome of sleek and sexy? Think again.

Sony Vaio’s new X-Series netbooks only weigh 1.5 lb each and are a bit over an inch and a half thick, not to mention that roughly eight hours of life is expected from the netbook’s six-celled battery.

This carbon-fiber PC is expected to pack an Intel Atom processor, but there’s currently no word on the other tech specs of this wonderous machine. There’s also no word on pricing nor availablility, but when they news is out, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Via I4UNews.


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