Jun 8 2010

Apple unveils the iPhone 4 at WWDC

Yesterday, Steve Jobs unveiled one of the most anticipated products of the year, the Apple iPhone 4 and the consensus seems to be that it did not disappoint. There are many new upgrades and additions to this phone, such as a new body, better display, a second camera, and new OS to name just a few.

The Body:

Its dimensions come out to 4.5×2.31×0.37 inches. The phone weighs 137 grams, making it just a bit heavier than the 3GS (by 3 grams). However, the differences in size and weight are minor enough that they are probably indiscernible to most. The back of the phone has become flatter, the edges more squared off, giving the phone a more powerful look and feel.

The Display:

While the screen is slightly smaller than the 3GS, the phone makes up for that with twice the resolution of older iPhones 960 x 640 as compared to 480 x 320. Keep in mind that the EVO 4G only sports an 800 x 480 resolution. The phone’s pixel density (or PPI) is also the highest of any current smartphone. Having an improved display will become extremely useful in the context of watching videos, which will become even more commonplace with the arrival of the new Netflix app.

The Cameras:

The iPhone 4 comes with an additional camera, a front camera which will be used for face chatting, along with an improved 5-mexapixel back camera with LED flash.

The OS:

One of the biggest surprises is the introduction of a new OS to the phone, the iOS 4. You can read more about the iOS4 here.


The phone will run on the a4 processor, the processor also being used in the iPad. Additionally, the iPhone will come with a 16% larger battery than the one found in the 3G, which will result in an improvement in battery life by 40%. Not bad Steve. This will allow up to 7 hours of talking, 6 hours of browsing, and 10 hours of video.


For all those interested in purchasing this new phone (in either Black or White) and who live in the US, UK, France, Japan, and Germany, it will be available on June 24th. The rest of the world will have to wait anxiously till July. With a new contract, the 16GB version will cost you $199, and the 32GB, $299. Without a contract the phones will cost $599 and $699 respectively.

Check out a video of the new iPhone 4g:

iPhone 4 video

Via Techcrunch

May 27 2010

Predictions for Apple’s WWDC

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is quickly approaching and, as usual, the tech blogosphere abounds with rumors about what Apple will introduce this year. Last year, Wired accurately predicted some major introductions Apple made at WWDC and it has predictions again for this year. Only time will tell if the predictions prove to be accurate.

It’s safe to assume that Apple will introduce its next major iPhone at WWDC. Thanks to some careless Apple employees, the public knows the next iPhone looks like, but we don’t know what it actually can do, as none of the prototypes found were shown doing anything. The 4G iPhone is going to have a front-facing camera, which could be its single major feature.

iPhone OS 4 will also probably be announced. It’s been talked about already, but will probably will be explained in detail at WWDC. From what has already been revealed about the next iPhone OS, it sounds like it will be amazing.

Unfortunately, there will not be a Verizon iPhone, at least not at this WWDC. We’ll have to wait longer for that. And Steve Ballmer will not be at WWDC, contrary to a rumor that circulated the Internet today.

Via Wired.com, image via Wired.com.

May 3 2010

Apple Sells One Million iPads

It’s official: Apple has sold one million iPads as of last Friday. According to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, the company sold one million iPads in half as much time as it took for one million iPhones to be sold, which is very impressive indeed.

Apple also said that users have downloaded 1.5 million iBooks and over 12 million apps from the App Store. There are 5,000 iPad-specific apps in the App Store. The top-selling apps are Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, all Apple’s answer to Microsoft Office. The games Pinball, Real Racing HD, and Scrabble also remain top-selling apps.

Jobs also said that the demand for the iPad continues to exceed the supply, which is why Apple delayed the international release of the iPad (and why Apple stores sold out of iPads this weekend when the iPad 3G was released).

Via The New York Times, image via Apple.

Mar 28 2010

Steve Jobs Named Valuable CEO

Jobs in his trademark black turtleneck

Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs, has been named the most valuable CEO from a list of thirty respected chief executives created by Barron’s. The list, released annually, put Steve Jobs at the top, followed by such people as Amazon’s Jeffrey Bezos, Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffet, and Hewlett-Packard’s Mark Hurd.

Jobs was named most valuable partly because of the stock dips Apple suffered when Jobs’ medical problems were made public. Jobs also returned to Apple years after he founded to save it from the “brink of death.” The Mac is but one of many successful Apple products: the iPod and iTunes helped save Apple and make it what it is today, and the iPhone and App Store have also been revolutionary. Apple’s latest product, the iPad, could be just as revolutionary.

Jobs is often praised for the work he has done as Apple’s CEO. Harvard Business Review named him the best-performing CEO this past December.

Via AppleInsider, image via Wikipedia.

Mar 27 2010

Apple and Google CEOs Have Coffee Together

BFFs? I think not.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Google CEO Eric Schmidt were spotted earlier in the day having coffee together at a Palo Alto coffee shop.

Google and Apple, two companies that used to be friendly with each other, have grown increasingly competitive in recent months. The enmity comes from Google entering what is perceived as Apple’s traditional part of the market: smartphones (Android is a competitor to the iPhone OS), browsers (Google Chrome, anyone?) and even operating systems (Google’s Chrome OS will compete with Mac OS X).

Jobs and Schmidt continued their discussion until they saw a crowd growing. According to an observer, Jobs then said, “Let’s go discuss this somewhere more private.” The only other thing heard from the discussion was Jobs saying, “They’re going to see it all eventually so who cares how they get it.”

Gizmodo reported about the meeting of the two CEOs, going as far as to hire a body language analyst (bottom line: the two men were extremely uncomfortable with each other). Though it would be easier and more accurate to analyze their body language from a video rather than from just photos, the analyst concluded that Schmidt is afraid of Jobs. Such fear is perhaps inspired by Apple’s recent lawsuit against HTC.

Via Examiner, image via Gizmodo.

Mar 24 2010

Steve Jobs Emails Apple Customers

I am so incredibly jealous—I want an email from Steve!

According to the latest news, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs has been personally responding to Apple customers’ emails. One user asked him about a universal inbox on the iPhone’s Mail app. The current app supports multiple accounts but each account has a separate inbox. Jobs said that the iPhone will have this capability.

Another customer asked Jobs about whether transferring Google Docs to the iPad through iWork.com or iDisk. Jobs replied in the affirmative. Both of these messages from Jobs bore the tagline “Sent from my iPad.”

Another customer wrote to ask about whether Apple plans to support Picasa’s faces and albums features. Jobs said, “No, but iPhoto on the Mac has much better Faces and Places features.” That email was sent from Jobs’ iPhone which is apparently running the older version of the iPhone OS.

Other emails have concerned the MacBook and MacBook Pro lines of computers and the availability of the iPad from Apple resellers.

Via Computerworld, image via Wikipedia.

Mar 13 2010

Apple COO Earns Bonus

Apple COO Tim Cook

Apple’s Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook, who temporarily led Apple last year when Steve Jobs had to go on medical leave, has earned a bonus of $5 million cash, plus stock that is worth nearly $17 million. Jobs recommended the bonus and Apple’s compensation committee unanimously approved it.

Jobs recommended that Cook be given the bonus based on his “outstanding performance” while Jobs was on medical leave. Jobs received a liver transplant when he was on medical leave. Apple was rather secretive of the whole affair, which lead some observers to criticize Apple for not being more upfront about Jobs’ condition.

Under Cook’s leadership, Apple stock rose from around $80 to around $140 per share. Cook has spent a lot of his career in the technology industry. Before working for Apple, he was vice president of Corporate Materials for Compaq and has also worked for IBM. He has an MBA from Duke University.

Via BusinessWeek, image via Apple.

Feb 26 2010

Steve Jobs: It’s Time to “Think Big”

Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, met with the company’s shareholders this Thursday. He told the shareholders that the $40 billion Apple has will not be returned to them as dividends because of the flexibility and security it provides to the company.

According to a news article, Jobs reportedly said that Apple has gotten so big that it is now time for the company to “think big.” He added, “When you take risks, it’s like jumping in the air. When they don’t work out, it’s nice to know the ground is always there.” Some analysts are interpreting this as a reference to the upcoming Apple product, the iPad, which is a huge gamble for Apple.

Even though Apple has a lot of money, it really does not buy very much: six companies in the past five years. Its most recent acquisition, Lala, has been seen by analysts as a possible way for Apple to go into the streaming music business. Also, Apple is planning to open more stores in China—twenty-five of them, to be exact.

Via Wired.

Feb 2 2010

Steve Jobs’ Comments on Google, Adobe

Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, has made some provocative comments concerning Adobe and Apple rival Google at a meeting with employees last week, according to reports.

Jobs reportedly made fun of Google’s motto, “Don’t be evil.” He called it “a load of crap,” but some reports have said he used a stronger and cruder term. Tensions between Google and Apple have been on the rise, especially since the release of Google’s Nexus One smartphone, which is meant to be a competitor to Apple’s iPhone. Apple may even be dropping Google as the search engine on the iPhone. Google’s browser and operating system also pose a threat to Apple.

Jobs called Adobe lazy, adding, “They have all this potential to do interesting things but they just refuse to do it.” This comment is really no surprise, considering Apple’s refusal to support Adobe Flash on its mobile devices. Jobs said that Flash is too buggy and is often the cause of crashes on Mac computers.

Jobs said that Apple will work on an “A-plus” update to the iPhone so Android cannot keep up.

Via MercuryNews, image via Apple.


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