Oct 15 2009

Toshiba Announces New Satellite Touch Notebooks

Ok, what is up with the multitouch laptop? I mean, first off, is it really necessary to have a touchscreen on a laptop if it’s not a tablet? By design, laptop screens tend to flop around (because of the hinge connecting the base and the screen), which doesn’t actually make for the stablest screen for finger-scribing. It’s like geeky laptop bling.

Regardless of the logic of it all, Toshiba is giving us two more additions to the multitouch laptop family, the Satellite U505 Touch and the M505 Touch. Both of them have Toshiba’s touch-ready software, called LifeSpace, which consists of two main applications called the Bulletin boards and ReelTime.

Bulletin Board is a place where you can drag and drop all your photos, videos, links, documents, and applications in a centralized location, which you can manipulate with your fingers. ReelTime gives you a visual history of your previously accessed files, much like Apple‘s Time Machine.

The M505 Touch is a thin, lightweight, 14-inch laptop ┬ácovered in a Fusion black finish with features like a 500-GB hard drive and a slot-loading DVD burner, HDMI-out and a multimedia card reader. It has an Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 processor with 4 GB of memory and Intel’s integrated graphics, and starts at $1050.

The U505 Touch is slightly smaller, at a 13.3 inch widescreen with a textured based finish on it’s lid, using the same feature set and core components as the M505 Touch and starts at $950.

Via ZDNet.


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