May 16 2010

Sony Introduces VAIO P-Series Netbooks to Compete with Apple iPad

Watch out Apple!  Sony and other netbook manufacturers just might jump into the tablet PC manufacturing business soon.  In fact, Sony recently released their new Sony VAIO P-Series netbooks, which feature new Intel Atom processors, as well as several other new features, including an undersized keyboard with a centralized pointing stick, and a touchpad on the right side of the LCD bezel and mouse buttons on the left side of the LCD.  The setup is essentially similar to that of a tablet.  The Sony VAIO P-Series netbooks also have accelerometers, so users can use the device in portrait mode.

Sony’s newest netbooks will be available in several unique colors: electric orange, neon green, and icy white — definitely sure to catch passerby’s attention.  The P-Series netbooks are available for pre-order and start at $800 each for the base model.

Via TimesNewsLine.

Jan 28 2009

New Photos of Dual-Touchpad OLPC Netbook Released

We’ve got your first glance of the latest netbook on the market – the OLPC netbook, which may or may not ever come to market.

Dual-touchpad OLPC netbook

Tariq Krim, the man behind Jolicloud, saw the new netbook at Davos today.

The OLPC netbook has dual touchscreens, an awesome concept, and will replace an older model.

Thus far, of course, we still don’t know if anyone’s making it. We can hope though.

Jan 18 2009

Check Out The Eee PC Keyboard

In the quest for ever-smaller devices, manufacturers have gone to extreme lengths to eliminate space wasting. However, this gadget might be a first. Details are scant, but check it out anyway: the ASUS Eee PC Keyboard.

Eee PC Keyboard

The ASUS Eee PC Keyboard is a full-size device to be based on the Atom model. It has a small 5-inch touchpad on the right, which may in fact be a secondary display.

We don’t know when the prototype will hit the market but we’ll keep our eyes peeled. If this device stays as sleek as it looks it will be a serious entrant to the market.

Via CNet.


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