Dec 19 2009

Nokia To Sell Booklet 3G Netbook In UK For £650

This January, Nokia is going to be selling the Nokia Booklet 3G netbook for £650, or around $1000 USD. This is a big boost over its £500 price quote back in August.

But if you can drop that kind of cash, you won’t be disappointed with your new netbook. The Nokia Booklet 3G rocks a 10.1-inch 1280 x 720 HD display, HDMI, and a variety of connectivity coptions including integrated 3G, Wi-Fi, and GPS. The hardware is solid – an Intel Z530 CPU, 1 GB of RAM,  a 120 GB HDD, GMA500 and a godly 16-cell battery that will keep your machine churning for up to 12 hours. The new netbook runs Windows 7.

Not impressed? There’s probably something wrong with you. Even so, Nokia is planning a new Booklet 3G netbook in 2010. It will run Intel hardware with Maemo technology and most likely a lower price tag.

Via WhiteHatFirm, image via TechSpot.

Aug 12 2009

Sony Vaio W Netbook Hits The UK At £399.99

Sony Vaio W Netbook

The Sony Vaio W has gone on sale in the UK. Retailer Comet has gotten its hands on what is supposedly the first shipment in the region and is underselling by £30 with its price of £399.99.

The particular Vaio W netbook on sale is in white and comes with a 10-inch, 1366 x 768 pixel display, a chiclet keyboard, and an Intel Atom N280 CPU. Unfortunately, the standard 3-cell battery lasts for a junky 2.5 hours – I’m definitely waiting until I can upgrade to the 6-cell.

May 24 2009

MSI’s Wind U115 Hybrid Heads To The UK

Just as US retailers got the MSI Wind U123, MSI sent out Wind U115 Hybrid netbooks to the UK.

MSI Wind U115 Hybrid

The U115 Hybrid has a godly battery life and is the first of the Wind line to use the Intel Atom’s Z500 line. The HDD/SSD combo has done wonders for keeping the netbook running for long hours, with unofficial tests seeing battery life as high as 25 hours with the 9-cell.

British pricing is between £450 and £500 ($716 and $796), which is on the higher end of things. The US should be getting the U115 in the near future but MSI hasn’t confirmed anything so far.

Via Electronista.


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