Aug 20 2009

Sony Kills The Vaio TT UMPC In Favor of Netbooks

Images of the Sony VAIO TT have been coasting about the net all the way since November, but it looks like this little guy’s starstruck future has been cut off forever.

Axed by Sony, the death of the VAIO TT has got us thinking – is there a place in the netbook world for high-end ultraportables anymore? The VAIO TT could be pushed up to $4400 if you maxed out the specs (including dual SSDs and a Blu-ray drive), which certainly isn’t an attractive number.

sony tt slashgear review 3 vn 480x271

It all depends how willing manufacturers are to keep going into the space. Larger screen sizes that don’t sacrifice mobility have been a major upside of netbooks, but considering the fact that the Vaio P (which Sony insists isn’t a netbook) is still out there, maybe there’s hope for machines surviving the onslaught of netbooks this year.

Regardless, let’s all take a moment of silence for our friend the Vaio TT. Goodnight, sweet prince.

Via SlashGear.


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