Apr 4 2010

JooJoo Tablet Suffers From Some More Bad Mojo

The epic of the JooJoo Tablet continues on, and prospects for the users that have already pre-ordered it are somewhat disappointing.  Fusion Garage had planned on having the JooJoo Tablet shipped by March 29th.  That date has passed, and customers have yet to hear or see their beloved internet slates.  Instead, Fusion Garage says they were stuck in Los Angeles and hope that by April 1st the first batch will reach its respective owners.  However, the more likely date is April 2nd, and this comes after months of delays in this whole crazy saga of CrunchPad to JooJoo Tablet.

Late pre-order deliveries, however, appear only to be Fusion Garage’s last issue.  The number of pre-orders from February 11 are dismal in number.  So far there have only been 90.  At this rate, the JooJoo Tablet will be lucky to become a collector’s item.  And Fusion Garage announced it has made a break from its original merchant, PayPal, for some other more traditional route.  They seem to be suffering from major issues, and all of this may very well kill any prospect for the JooJoo Tablet to become the Linux device that goes mainstream.

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Mar 11 2010

JooJoo Tablet Packing A First-Gen ION Under The Hood

So the JooJoo, still proof that tablet makers need to think of better names, hit the FCC today, and we finally learned what exactly it is packing.  And if I dare say so – as a guy who has had little faith in the whole CrunchPad endeavor – it isn’t half bad, if a bit dated.  It carries an Intel Atom 270 with a first-generation Nvidia ION, explaining its 1080p and HD Flash playback.  3G support will be coming later this year, but details are still a little sketchy.

The news of an Nvidia ION means performance will likely not be an issue for an internet tablet, but battery life could easily be a problem.  This does after all have a massive 12.1” touchscreen with a fairly inefficient  processor.  Still, things have become interesting for a tablet that I had mostly written off as non-extraordinary and the $499 price-tag seems somewhat justified now.

Two more things: yes, that is indeed the JooJoo running Windows Vista in a test device, and the video format support list is very impressive compared to many other tablets.  It includes AVI, MPEG-4, MOV, WMV and WMA, FLV (Flash Video), VOB, OGG, OGM and OGV, MKV (Mastroska), DiVX and XViD.  We’ll see how well it actually fares once it starts shipping in a few weeks.

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Feb 26 2010

JooJoo Tablets Get Pushed Back

Fusion Garage appears to have made a mistake when it earlier announced its plan for the JooJoo Tablet to be shipped by the end of February.  With only 2 days left in the month, they have pushed back shipments a whole month back to March 25. Here’s the full release:

“Earlier this month, Fusion Garage’s JooJoo Internet tablet went into full production with an anticipated on-time delivery to consumers at the end of February. Last week, the company became aware of a manufacturing issue involving JooJoo’s industry-first 12.1 inch capacitive touch screen which Fusion Garage was quickly able to diagnose and rectify. The company now forecasts the JooJoo will be sent to consumers on March 25.

The manufacturing issue centers on fine tuning the touch sensitivity of the capacitive screen. Fusion Garage will be providing all pre-order customers with a free JooJoo accessory to compensate for the delay in the delivery of their JooJoo.”

It must be highly awkward when your main (and possibly only selling point) is holding you back from delivering your product.  Given all the other problems surrounding the CrunchPad-turned-JooJoo, you can’t help but wonder if Michael Arrington is sitting at home smirking.

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Dec 11 2009

More Legal Woes for the Joo Joo Tablet

The legal battle has officially begun over the Joo Joo, formerly known as the CrunchPad. TechCrunch owner Michael Arrington announced on Thursday that he had filed a lawsuit against former business partner Chandra Rathakrishnan, CEO of Fusion Garage. The suit alleges many wrongdoings on Fusion Garage’s part, including a number of charges that include the theft of money and property owned by TechCrunch. Rathakrishnan is not backing down, claiming that Arrignton’s allegations are false, and that her company owes absolutely nothing to TechCrunch.

The Joo Joo tablet notebook is priced at $500 and will be available for purchase at midnight tonight on the company’s website. If you want in, I’d suggest acting quickly, in case the lawyers get ahold of this thing before you can.

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Dec 7 2009

New Tablet Notebooks Are Coming. Are Consumers Ready?

Apple is planning to unveil its touch screen laptop computer next year, but the question is: will it be able to change consumer’s minds over the unsuccessful tablet laptops of the past?  It is still unknown whether the company will retain its Midas touch when it launches the tablet in 2010. Furthermore, Microsoft is also rumored to be  joining in on the fun as they plan to produce tablets of their own in the near future.

With major companies putting in big bucks for the design of their tablets, it is worrisome that the market may not respond to their liking. Are the benefits of the tablet’s touch screen really enough to cause consumers to replace or supplement their current laptops? They’re fun and innovative, but often not as ergonomic as a normal laptop when it comes to getting work done.

That being said, tablets may still turn out to be another smashing success for Apple. It has the clear advantage with its innovative and user friendly touch screen technology, which is already in use with many of its products.  The creativity of Apple’s tablet isn’t in speculation here.  It all rests on whether consumers are willing to give the technology a shot.

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Nov 30 2009

The Truth About the Death of the CrunchPad Tablet Netbook

Various rumors have been flying around about the CrunchPad tablet netbook, but here’s some shocking news.

TechCrunch founder, Michael Arrington, had been working together with a small group on creating a tablet netbook device nicknamed the CrunchPad. It was a device that was designed mainly to surf the web and have little local storage space. It was even starting to look more and more like a netbook the further it got into production.

Unfortunately, the company that Arrington partnered with to produce the CrunchPad tablet netbook got into a quarrel with Arrington. The latest word on the street is that Arrington said the company planned on kicking him off the CrunchPad project and selling the device under a different name. And so that put an end to the partnership.

No details are set in stone yet, but we’ll keep you posted on any developments we hear about.

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Nov 30 2009

CrunchPad Tablet Netbook Rumored to Crumble Under High Costs and Repeated Delays

Yep, that’s right. The sleek prototype of a tablet/netbook device is experiencing higher-than-expected production costs and repeated delays, which are rumored to lead to its demise. Earlier, this year, Michael Arrington had said the CrunchPad tablet netbook would be ready for sure by the end of this year, but sadly, the device’s release deadlines have already been passed multiple times. Last we heard, it was supposed to be available in late July or early August.

The proposed price of the CrunchPad tablet netbook had originally been rumored to range from $200 to $400, but seems like the feasibility of the product is coming to an end. Perhaps there’ll be more luck with Apple’s rumored tablet netbook device. Either way, it doesn’t keep the CrunchPad from being named to Popular Mechanics’ 10 most brilliant products of 2009 list.

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