Feb 7 2010

CEO Predicts Symbian on Netbooks in 1-2 Years

Lee Williams, CEO of Symbian Foundation, stated in an interview that he believes it is “very likely” that netbooks and tablets will start running Symbian in the next couple of years. Back in April, we blogged about the possibility that the smartphone OS would enter the netbook market. Now that Symbian Foundation has announced that the platform has gone open source, a process that involved the company negotiating with 200 third-party owners, the likelihood of the OS being ported to netbooks and tablet devices has increased even more.

Symbian supports both ARM and Intel x86 processors, and companies are beginning to experiment with the platform any which way they can to run it on a multitude of devices.

The source code is broken down into 108 packages, all of which can be downloaded here.

To read the full interview with Williams, click here.

Via ZDNet, image via GlobalThoughtz.

Apr 17 2009

Symbian To Enter Netbook Market

The number of available netbook operating systems is spreading. While Ubuntu and XP are still the top OS choices for most netbookers, the introduction of Windows 7 and Google’s Android are set to spice up the market. Now Symbian is pushing its Symbian S60 5th Edition OS by publicizing its successful testing on an Intel Atom.

Symbian Logo

Symbian has often been bumped into the shadows of more popular operating systems because of its image as a smartphone tool. Though screenshots are showing the Symbian-Atom combo to need some cleaning up, most everyone is happy with the “responsiveness of the UI and upper application layers” shown by the OS.

While testing Symbian on an Intel Atom is a sensible choice, some analysts are wondering – why not try it with an ARM CPU too? ARM netbook chips crank out better battery life than their Intel counterparts, making them the machinery of choice for most Linux setups.

It’s clear that everyone wants a piece of the netbook market, even the more obscure of players. Once the competition really heats up it will be exciting to see what Android and Symbian come out with to distinguish themselves in the rapidly growing industry.

Via Symbian.

Jan 24 2009

New Samsung Netbook Plus Smartphone Hints

Samsung’s back in the netbook market once more with plans to follow up the Samsung NC10 in the next few months. It also intends to expand its range of smartphones in the near future.

Chi Youngcho, head of a new digital media and communications unit at Samsung, said “In the first half of this year, for touch-screen phones we will expand our line-up and upgrade some of the functions including the user interface and for smart phones expand our line-up and provide various OSes to satisfy the diverse needs of our customers.”

He also added that Samsung intends to “expand our PC business by launching a new netbook.”

Could they mean the Samsung NC20? We already reported on a prototype back in December. Samsung also let out the new netbook’s User Manual in an interesting advertising move as well. The Samsung NC20 is based on the Via Nano processor.

The smartphone bid is a bit more vague. Samsung has phones based in Windows Mobile, Symbian, and Linux. The most anticipated announcement is the possible Android smartphone, the details of which are thus far scant. We’re all waiting for an Android netbook, some of which should be popping up in 2010, but a smartphone running the Google OS would be big news too.

Check back soon for the latest on netbooks and tech news.

Via PCWorld.


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